Let's be honest: What's so special about HighDroxy?

Do you believe that a better skin starts with exaggerated promises, strange fantasy terms or perfectly retouched models? Neither are we. That's why the idea behind our products is as honest as it is simple:

Since 2015, we have been developing and producing compatible active ingredient cosmetics that meet the highest standards and do not contain any flowery promises. We prefer to explain exactly what's in it and what results are possible. Our products are not only effective, but also very well tolerated because they contain excellent ingredients in relevant dosages. In return, we do without everything that only benefits the production, but not your skin. Our product range is small and can be optimally combined - we leave a confusingly large product range to other brands. In addition, HighDroxy is equally suitable for women and men because all products are unisex. For women it has to smell flowery and for men it has to be packed pithy? Sorry, not us.

Honestly, we don't promise perfect skin. But we do everything we can to ensure that you achieve the most beautiful complexion of your life with our products.


Portrait of the founder of HighDroxy, Thorsten Abeln

Thorsten Abeln
Founder & Managing Director


Free of anything that does not benefit the skin.

The development of our formulations does not follow a rigid dogma, but a clear claim: We create highly effective, well-tolerated products that noticeably and visibly improve the appearance of the skin and at the same time do without anything that does neither benefit product quality nor skin health.

To achieve this, we combine both synthetically refined and purely natural ingredients - individually adapted for each formulation and always oriented towards the best skin benefits and the highest possible effectiveness. This combination of highly pure ingredients from nature & high-tech distinguishes HighDroxy from natural cosmetics, as well as the renunciation of drying alcohols and essential oils (because both can irritate sensitive skin).

Together with natural cosmetics, on the other hand, we have consistently avoided the use of mineral oil, parabens and silicone.

laboratory jars-with-different-green-plant branches

Made in Germany. For your skin's sake.

Does it really matter where a cosmetic product is developed and manufactured? We are convinced that it does! The guidelines that apply to cosmetics developed and produced in Germany are among the strictest in the world.

Therefore all HighDroxy products are "Made in Germany". They are formulated in Germany together with physicians and experienced pharmacists and of course are also produced and bottled here. This ensures consistently high quality, short distances and maximum transparency.

Logo Made in Germany with Highdroxy Green

We are convinced:
Skin care is the last thing you should stress out.

slow skincare stands for a conscious approach to cosmetics

Higher, faster, further - this maxim has become a universal motto in times of self-optimization. The skin care industry also plays this game perfectly - not a month without a new beauty trend or "miracle active ingredient".

Our products are also effective without all this hype. We call this idea of decelerated skin care "Slow Skincare". And the guiding principles behind it include you: After all, nobody knows your skin better than you do. You're the only one who lives in it, for life. Would you like to know more about this concept? In our skin journal we write more about it.

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Trust is good. Trusted Shops is better.

As an independent trust mark, the Trusted Shops seal of approval offers you one thing above all else: maximum security for your online purchases. In order to obtain the seal, our online shop must meet an extensive catalogue of criteria. The seal of approval thus guarantees that shopping at www.highdroxy.de is convenient and absolutely secure.

Your advantage: With every purchase in our shop you can claim the Trusted Shops buyer protection completely free of charge. With Trusted Shops Basic your purchases are automatically secured up to 100 Euro per purchase - with just one mouse click, without any costs.

Clear message: Satisfied or money back.

five-yellow star service

Our service begins before the purchase: The HighDroxy product advice helps you to find the right care for you from our range. The various test sizes of our products - as Bolsitas or deluxe sample - allow you to test the skin feel, compatibility and effect in advance.

After the purchase our satisfaction guarantee protects you - even with opened products. Find out more here.