Highdroxy D-Fence 50 and Day Light 30 sunscreen products with and without packaging in partial shade

Perfectly groomed, optimally protected. Every day.

Healthy facial care and reliable protection against UV radiation go hand in hand at HighDroxy. Choose between the comprehensive day care DAY LIGHT 30 (SPF 30) for every skin type, or the skin-soothing dry oil D-FENCE 50 (SPF 50) for normal and dry skin.

1,50  - 51,90 

Comprehensive nourishing day fluid with SPF30, antioxidants and vitamin D booster.

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12,90  - 51,90 

Liquid UV protection with SPF50 and silky light oils. Rich in antioxidants and ceramides.

About the product

Professional tips around your sun protection

The best UV protection is the one you enjoy using every single day. To find the product with the best comfort for you, we offer deluxe samples and sachets. You can simply select these on the product page.

UV filters act immediately and do not need an activation time, as is often read. However, it makes sense to let the sunscreen absorb well after application so that it can spread optimally on the skin.

UV radiation is stress enough for the skin. That's why our sun protection products - like all other HighDroxy products - are free of skin-irritating alcohol, perfume or occlusive oils.

HighDroxy UV protection products do not whiten because they are free of mineral particles. The filters used are extremely kind to the skin, photostable and, of course, have no hormonal effect.