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Your SkinGuide for normal skin with pigmentation spots

Skincode: N-H-H-I

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Things to know about your skin:

Congratulations - you have normal skin. Many people will envy you because this skin type is as rare as it is uncomplicated. Normal skin has a balanced lipid content and the skin barrier is largely intact. In addition, it usually has fine pores and a uniformly fresh to rosy complexion thanks to good blood circulation.

Pigment spots (also called hyperpigmentation) occur on the skin when pigment cells accumulate in one place. This increased pigmentation then leads to spots. The most common trigger is excessive UV radiation, as the pigment cells are produced as a protective reaction against sun stress. However, other skin stresses can also lead to pigmentation spots, for example hormonal fluctuations or acne.

Care recommendations and tips:

In general, normal skin requires fewer steps than other skin types. Cleanse your skin in the morning with clear water - this is usually sufficient. In the evening, use a mild cleansing product to remove fine dust, sweat and make-up. 

Cleansing is followed by care, usually two products are sufficient for normal skin: Use a moisturising product (see steps 2 or 3 of our product suggestions below) and a moisturiser on top. This contains UV filters during the day and soothing ingredients at night.


To diminish pigmentation spots, one thing above all helps: boosting the skin's own renewal - because the faster it renews itself, the less opportunity the pigments have to gather. You should therefore incorporate gentle but regular exfoliation with fruit acids or enzymes, for example with our HYDROPEEL, into your skin care routine. Vitamin C and liquorice extract also help to dissolve the pigment accumulations.

Very important: Do not neglect UV protection during the day. This is because UV radiation boosts melanin production - including the uneven production that shows up in the form of pigment spots.

These HighDroxy products fit the bill:

1. face cleansing

Here, less is often more. Too much or frequent cleansing unnecessarily stresses the skin barrier and can worsen your skin's appearance in the long run. If we recommend several products at this point, you do not have to use them all together. You can find out more about the special features and the right combination on the product pages.

Ultramild facial cleanser for all skin types, including particularly sensitive ones

2. preparation

An often underestimated skin care step: toners or sprays moisturise the skin and make it more receptive to subsequent care products.

Balancing care spray for intensive moisture and soothing of the skin

3. targeted active substances

Regardless of the number of products suggested here, regularity is more important than frequency. If you want to combine several serums or boosters that are rich in active ingredients, you can, for example, alternate between daily and evening use.


Mild peeling gel for sensitive skin. With extra-gentle active ingredient complex.

Concentrated care gel with hyaluron, panthenol and niacinamide.

4.1 Day care, UV protection

Do not underestimate the importance of daily UV protection: UVA rays, which are primarily responsible for skin ageing, also penetrate through clouds and window panes and are present even in winter.

Soothing care balm for reddened, sensitive skin

Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster

Liquid UV protection with antioxidants and ultra-light oils

4.2 Night care

After the addition of active ingredients from care step 3, an appropriately rich night care is the perfect conclusion to your care routine.

By the way: If several products are listed here, these are alternative recommendations, depending on preference.

Soothing care balm for reddened, sensitive skin

5. special care

No obligation without freestyle: Here you will find products from our range for that extra portion of care or special needs.


Massagestift mit Licht und Mikrovibration. Zur gezielten Behandlung der Haut.


Microfine care emulsion for universal application

Transparent powder with antibacterial effect.

Rich, soothing cream mask for intensive care of the eye area