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Massagestift mit Licht und Mikrovibration. Zur gezielten Behandlung der Haut.

12,80 34,00 

Ultramild facial cleanser for all skin types, including particularly sensitive ones


Soap-free, mild face wash gel. Gently foaming formula.


Cleaning reinforcing fleece cloth for use with CALM CLEANSER


Mild peeling granules made of vegetable oils and waxes.

19,00 39,00 

BHA toner lotion to refine pores and clear skin texture

19,00 39,00 

Balancing care spray for intensive moisture and soothing of the skin

4,90 36,00 

Concentrated care gel with hyaluron, panthenol and niacinamide.

12,50 49,00 

Liquid UV protection with antioxidants and ultra-light oils

7,40 49,00 

Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster

14,50 59,00 

Mild peeling gel for sensitive skin. With extra-gentle active ingredient complex.

14,00 56,00 

Pflegeserum zur Behandlung und Vorbeugung von Pigmentflecken und Rötungen.

14,50 59,00 

Smoothing and skin refining peeling serum with mandelic acid.

Best Seller
13,50 59,00 

Mild retinol care. Improves the appearance of wrinkles, pores and acne.

16,80 69,00 

Anti-aging serum with immediate smoothing effect. For all skin types.

7,40 49,00 

Soothing care balm for reddened, sensitive skin

10,50 69,00 

Regenerating moisturizer with anti-aging effect. Suitable for all skin types.

17,50 69,00 

Luxurious blend of 15 different care oils, intensively repairing

6,24 39,00 

Rich, soothing cream mask for intensive care of the eye area

24,00 44,00 

Microfine care emulsion for universal application


Our skin book: profound skin knowledge and valuable care tips.


Transparent powder with antibacterial effect.

25,00 100,00 

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