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Tone-regulating liquid for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, redness and acne marks.


Care serum for the treatment and prevention of pigmentation spots and redness.

Gentle and low-fat care balm for sensitive and irritated skin. Reduces redness and inflammation.

Particularly mild cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the skin without drying it out.

Microfine care emulsion with jojoba oil. For universal use - face, hair, body.

Mild exfoliation for sensitive skin. Stimulates skin renewal and strengthens the skin barrier.

Comprehensive nourishing day fluid with SPF30, antioxidants and vitamin D booster.

Rich, soothing cream mask for intensive care of the eye area.

Cleaning cloth made from skin-friendly microfilaments. For use with the CALM CLEANSER.

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Care gel with 5 types of hyaluron, panthenol and niacinamide. Use as a booster or serum.

Nourishing moisturizing spray with soothing, refining and balancing active ingredients.

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Massage pen with light and microvibration. For targeted treatment of the skin.

Soap-free, mild face wash gel. Gentle foaming formula with amino surfactants.

Mild BHA lotion with 2% salicylic acid. Clarifies the pores, reduces skin shine and refines the skin texture.

Gentle fruit acid peeling with mandelic acid and niacinamide. For the renewal of the skin's appearance with little irritation.

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Transparent powder with soft-focus effect and antibacterial action.

Regenerating care with smoothing, collagen-building effect. Suitable for all skin types.

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Triple-action barrier booster for dehydrated, sensitive skin. Repairs the hydrolipidic film.

Intensively nourishing and caring cream. Rich formula for lipid-deficient or mature skin.

Lipid booster with over 20 exquisite care oils and active ingredients. For all skin types.

Regenerating "slow aging" serum with smoothing immediate effect. For all skin types.

Retinol serum in two strengths. Improves the appearance of wrinkles, pores and acne.

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Brightening, complexion-regulating products against hyperpigmentation and spots.

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Soothing care for irritated, sensitive and reddened skin.

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Moisture and care, combined in flexible products.

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Clarifying and regulating formulations, ideal for oily and blemished skin.

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Nourishing, barrier-strengthening care for lipid-poor and mature skin.

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Our groundbreaking retinol care in two strengths for healthy slow aging.

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Product recommendations according to skin type

Redness & veins

Oil sheen & large pores

Pimples & impurities

Stains & discolorations

Wrinkles & sagging skin

Dry & dull skin

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Exfoliating and skin refining peeling serum with concentrated formula.

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Mild exfoliating granules made from vegetable oils and waxes. Weekly application.

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