Comprehensive nourishing and regenerating care cream to strengthen the skin microbiome and stabilize the skin lipid barrier.

  • Active ingredients: fermented oat extract, ceramides, skin-identical lipid mixture, hydroxyproline
  • For dry, lipid-deficient and barrier-weakened skin
  • Velvety texture, absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy film


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2.300,00 1.298,00  / 1000 ml

Maintenance step

Features & Benefits

Suitable for dry and lipid-deficient skin
Consistency: mousy
Odor: discreet
pH: 4.9-5.4

Skin condition

good for the microbiome: Nourishes, repairs and strengthens the skin barrier -. RE:STORE COMFORT

Consistent slow aging facial care takes care of the skin not only in the deeper skin layers, but also on the surface: A healthy microflora is the key to a resistant skin barrier. If this is disturbed, it can be the cause of numerous skin problems. Because as soon as the composite of horny cells and skin lipids is no longer intact, moisture escapes more easily from the interior, while pollutants and bacteria can penetrate from the outside. This manifests itself in the form of impurities or inflammation, as well as dry, sallow and rough skin.

As an intensely nourishing counterpart to the classic RE:STORE AGELESS , the new RE:STORE COMFORT offers a comprehensive approach to skin rehabilitation:

Its rich formulation immediately nourishes and smoothes the rough skin surface. At the same time, the unique mix of active ingredients strengthens the healthy microflora of the skin biome and promotes collagen production in the depths of the skin in the long term and sustainably.

The active ingredient-rich formulation of RE:STORE COMFORT contains, among other things, extracts from fermented oats, ceramides, the collagen precursor hydroxyproline and the patented plant lipid complex L22 ®.


The RE:STORE COMFORT is applied in the fourth and last step of the four-step HighDroxy care routine, i.e. after

  1. Cleaning, e.g. with the CALM CLEANSER
  2. Preparation, e.g. with the CALM ESSENCE
  3. Special care, e.g. with the IN:FUSE serum

Apply the cream generously and massage it into the skin with gentle circular or tapping movements. You can use RE:STORE COMFORT as day and night care. When using during the day, please note that RE:STORE COMFORT does not provide UV protection.

RE:STORE COMFORT is also excellent for the neck, neckline and décolleté.


It all depends on your skin condition. If you have previously used RE:STORE AGELESS and felt your skin needed even more lipids, RE:STORE COMFORT is an ideal choice. Also, if your skin tightens quickly, you belong to the dry skin type or your skin releases too much moisture, a weakened barrier may be behind it. Then RE:STORE COMFORT is the right care for you. Normal skin, which needs more care in winter, for example, also benefits from the comprehensive protection of RE:STORE COMFORT.

Can I also use RE:STORE COMFORT on the neck and décolleté?

Naturally! Especially in the décolleté, where the skin is somewhat thinner and more easily stressed, the RE:STORE COMFORT helps to rebalance the skin barrier, improve the collagen structures of the skin and minimize wrinkles.

AQUA (water serves as a solvent, is the most commonly used ingredient and thus the basis of many HighDroxy formulations), OCTYLDODECYL OLEATE (lipid of synthetic origin, makes skin smooth and supple), OCTYLDODECYL STEAROYL STEARATE (ester, which acts as a skin conditioner and viscosity enhancer), POLYHYDROXYSTEARIC ACID (vegetable stabilizer that stabilizes the formula and improves texture) OCTYLDODECANOL (Octyldodecanol is a fatty alcohol with smoothing and nourishing (because refatting) effect), SQUALANE (Squalane is a vegetable oil; it has a moisturizing effect, makes the skin feel silky and improves the absorption of the preparation), POTASSIUM OLIYOYL HYDROLYZED OAT PROTEIN (oat-based emulsifier with nourishing properties), CETEARYL ALCOHOL (vegetable co-emulsifier with nourishing properties), GLYCERYL OLEATE (plant-based emulsifier, has a refatting and protective effect), GYLCERYL STEARATE (glyceryl stearate is a plant-based emulsifier that leaves the skin feeling light and soft), GLYCERIN (glycerin is part of the skin's own moisturizing system; it is barrier-strengthening and elasticity-promoting), JOJOBA OIL/MACADAMIA SEED OIL ESTERS (nourishing esters from jojoba and macadamia oil), SQUALENE (nourishing fatty acid of plant origin), PHYTOSTERYL MACADAMIATE (moisturizer, supports the skin's barrier function), PHYTOSTEROLS (secondary plant substances with extensive nourishing properties), TOCOPHEROL (vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect as it binds free radicals and slows down oxidation processes), BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER (shea butter has a moisturizing and refatting effect), PANTHENOL (provitamin B5 stimulates new cell formation, promotes wound healing and regenerates the skin), LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT (probiotic agent), AVENA SATIVA KERNEL EXTRACT (extract of oats with nourishing properties), AVENA SATIVA (OAT) KERNEL OIL (oat kernel oil moisturizes and soothes the skin), DIPALMITOYL HYDROXYPROLINE (signal peptide and main component of stable collagen), C 10-18 TRIGLYCERIDES (linolenic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect), LINOLENIC ACID (linolenic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect), OLEIC ACID (vegetable omega-9 fatty acid, has a strong skin soothing effect and helps with dryness and sensitivity), LINOLEIC AC ID (linoleic acid has an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect), PALMITIC ACID (fatty acid derived from coconut fat, which helps the stability of emulsions), STEARIC ACID (natural emulsifier), MAGNOLIA OFFICINALIS BARK EXTRACT (extract from the bark of the magnolia tree; has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties and thus slows down skin aging), CERAMIDE NP (Ceramides are endogenous components of the skin barrier; protect it from harmful environmental influences and regulate moisture balance), ALLANTOIN (promotes wound healing, anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin), HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL (sunflower oil is a light skin care oil and active ingredient carrier), ETHYL FERULATE (antioxidant of synthetic origin), HUMULUS LUPULUS EXTRACT (hop extract has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects), XANTHAN GUM (xanthan gum is a thickening agent derived from sugar, (xanthan gum is a thickening agent derived from sugar, which is also used for organic foods), SODIUM B ENZOATE (preservative with a mild antimicrobial effect), POTASSIUM SORBATE (potassium sorbate is a very compatible preservative and is considered harmless), PHENOXYETHANOL (very mild and skin-friendly preservative that complements the natural cosmetic preservatives we use), ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN (glycerin compound with caring and preservative properties)


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"We didn't want to just make a 'fat' version of RE:STORE AGELESS , we wanted to build our best formula specifically for lipid-deficient, mature skin. After 2 years of development, we found our holy grail: The trio of fermented oats, patented L22 lipid and high-dose ceramides is unique in the world. It comprehensively rehabilitates the disturbed skin barrier. In parallel, the signal peptide hydroxyproline boosts collagen formation in depth. Overall, RE:STORE COMFORT is currently our most nourishing cream - and deliberately without the greasy cream character of other products."

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -

Proven effect, relevantly dosed: The most important active ingredients of the RE:STORE COMFORT

Oat ear in sunset

Fermented oats - guarantor of a balanced microbiome

The active ingredient-rich oat extract used in RE:STORE COMFORT is fermented with Lactobacillus bacteria in a patented process and supports the healthy skin microbiome in 3 ways:

  1. Prebiotic, due to antioxidants and ectoin. Prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms on the skin and thus support the skin flora.
  2. Probiotics-like, in the form of various Lactobacillus strains. These inactive but fully bioavailable bacteria are able to compensate for deficiencies in the composition of the healthy microbiome.
  3. Postbiotic, on the basis of fruit acids (AHA), amino acids and bioactive peptides. These metabolites are produced during the fermentation process and also help regulate the skin microbiome.

L22® - the herbal youth lipid

Healthy skin produces many different lipid components, such as triglycerides, squalene and sterols. Healthy, young skin keeps these lipid components in proper balance. However, as we age, the skin is often no longer able to maintain this balance.

The patented, plant-derived and non-comedogenic lipid complex L22® improves the restoration of skin barrier function by delivering all skin lipid components in the same balance as a healthy young adult. Clinical studies show that L22® also increases skin elasticity, firmness and hydration, up to 80% better than conventional emollients.

Lipid drops against colorful background
Collagen helix against blue background

Hydroxyproline - the collagen precursor that acts threefold

Hydroxyproline is one of the main components of human collagen and essential for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. In RE:STORE COMFORT hydroxyproline is used in a highly pure, plant-derived form.

Hydroxyproline in the concentration used supports the youthfulness of the skin in three ways: it improves the skin's ability to retain moisture (elasticity), supports the formation of stable collagen fibers (firmness) and can even reduce the depth of pronounced wrinkles.

The fine print: test results in detail

The above values quote the results of manufacturer studies (in vivo and ex vitro) on the possible effects of the respective active ingredients after up to 42 days of use. We use the active ingredients in the highest concentration mentioned.


In vivo protocol: 20 volunteers (≈ 56 years), 42-day application, twice daily, on crow's feet. Performed by: Sepilift.

32% fewer wrinkles compared to 0% of skin treated with a placebo. Measured by software analysis.

In vivo protocol: 15 volunteers (≈ 50 years), 28-day application to half of the face, on crow's feet. Performed by: Sepilift.

18% higher skin moisture versus 0% of skin treated with a placebo.

L22® Lipid:

In vitro protocol: study using an in vitro culture model comprising the entire skin (epidermis + dermis). Daily application of L22 in the form of a lotion, for one week. Performed by: Floratech.
6 times better regeneration of the skin barrier compared to a vegetable oil with skin lipid-like components.
5 times better hydration of the skin compared to a vegetable oil with skin lipid-like components.

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