IN:FUSE DUO massage pen

Massage pen with dual function: The combination of gentle micro-vibrations and light therapy helps to infuse active ingredient serums deeper into the skin and tighten the skin in just a few minutes.
  • Simple, safe application, for all skin types
  • For targeted treatments of the eye area, wrinkles, lips and impurities.
  • Incl. 1 deluxe sample (5ml) each IN:FUSE & hyFIVE BOOSTER
  • Please note: Sale only possible to Germany


Delivery time: 2-3 working days (D)

65,90  49,90  / Piece

Package contents

  • IN:FUSE DUO PEN, charging cable
  • IN:FUSE Serum & hyFIVE BOOSTER (5ml each)
  • Operating instructions (DE/EN)


A charging plug is not included. You can use any standard USB charger with USB-A output, such as those used for smartphones or tablets.


The IN:FUSE DUO massage pen combines red and blue light from dermatological light therapy with gentle micro-vibrations. It is ideal for targeted treatment of the skin, especially the eye area and individual wrinkles (frown lines, forehead and nasolabial folds, crow's feet).

Used in combination with active ingredient serums or boosters, active ingredients can penetrate the skin faster and deeper due to the microvibrations. The accompanying therapy with red light can positively affect the regeneration and blood circulation of the skin as well as the lymph flow. The blue light can have a positive effect on skin impurities and inflammatory processes.

When used correctly according to the instructions, the IN:FUSE DUO massage pen is suitable for any skin type and condition. The application is wireless and takes only a few minutes.

The IN:FUSE DUO PEN is a non-professional device for personal use. Use it exclusively for the purposes and in the manner described in the enclosed instructions.

If you have health concerns or one of the contraindications listed below applies to you, please do not use the device not:
Pacemaker, cardiac arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, pregnancy, cancer/tumors, fever, blood clotting disorders, circulatory insufficiency, vascular diseases such as phlebitis, thrombosis, etc., acute damage to the skin (e.g. infections, wounds, skin irritation, inflammation, rash).

The following body regions must not be treated with the IN:FUSE DUO PEN not be treated:
Scalp, temples, eyeballs, eyelids, nostrils, Adam's apple, thyroid gland, spine, growth plates in children and adolescents.

First steps after unpacking the device:

  1. Please fully charge the IN:FUSE DUO Pen before the first use.
  2. Observe and follow the safety instructions in the enclosed manual.


  1. Remove the protective cap and press and hold the on/off button for approx. 1 second until the red light is illuminated. The device is now switched on.
  2. If necessary, press the power button again briefly to switch to the blue light.
  3. Apply a water-based care product (gel, serum, booster) to the area to be treated, such as our IN:FUSE serum or the hyFIVE Booster. The massage function may not work on dry skin.
  4. Take the device in your hand so that your thumb and index finger touch the silver induction ring in the center of the pen. As soon as the massage head touches the skin, the massage function starts.
  5. To switch off the device, press and hold the on/off button again for approx. 1 second.

The enclosed instructions describe recommended application scenarios for the treatment of frown, forehead and nasolabial folds, dark circles and puffiness, eyebrows and laugh lines, the lip area and blemishes.

  • How often and how long should I use the IN:FUSE DUO PEN?
    IN:FUSE DUO Massage Pen is a tool for working skin care products into the skin. You can use it daily or as needed. Use the pen until the product is well incorporated.
  • When do the first effects show?
    An effect should usually show immediately - whether blue light or red light. For example, as a moisturizing and plumping product work in and also stimulate skin circulation.
  • Does the IN:FUSE DUO PEN also vibrate with a lipid-based cream?
    The vibration massage of the pen requires the use of water-based serums and creams. The vibration works to a limited extent or not at all with creams with a high lipid content and on dry skin.
  • Can I also use the IN:FUSE DUO PEN for couperose?
    A light massage can certainly help with couperose - the blue light supplements the massage function with an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, you can of course use the pen with blue light without the massage function. The red light, on the other hand, generates heat and stimulates the blood circulation. We would not necessarily recommend this, but - depending on the severity of the couperose - it has to be evaluated individually. It is best to use light and cooling products - the hyFIVE BOOSTER and IN:FUSE are very suitable.
  • How do I know that the battery needs to be charged?
    The light on the IN:FUSE DUO PEN flashes faster than usual and alternates between red and blue.
  • How often can I use the IN:FUSE DUO PEN with one battery charge?
    This depends on how long you use the pen and whether the vibration is used or not. Normally, the battery lasts at least 1-2 weeks with daily use.

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Anja Danner

Very good in application

3 months ago

Super fast delivery, after a week of use I actually had less wrinkles on my forehead. Also my rosacea was alleviated by the blue light.

6 months ago

Works well against my puffiness under the eyes.

1 year ago
I can't really tell after a month if the pen is helping....that time will tell...but at least it's a great way to work aqueous serums into facial problem areas and my rosacea is cooperating!!! It's easy to use, safe and you get the feeling ...
Show More
1 year ago

I used it every day and find you can see a real improvement

1 year ago

Microvibrations and light: two real effect enhancers!

An efficient skin care routine does not always require new and more and more active ingredients. Sometimes it is more important that the active ingredients you are already using are optimally infiltrated into the skin and supported in their effect. This is exactly where the IN:FUSE DUO PEN comes in, because it uses two proven active boosters: light and micro-vibrations. Both stimulate the skin's own metabolic processes and support the transport of your high-quality care products into the skin: the accompanying heat of the red and blue light therapy opens the capillaries of the skin and makes them more receptive. At the same time, thousands of micro-vibrations per minute massage the previously applied care into the skin in a highly efficient manner.


Red light & massage: the anti-aging mode

This is the default mode after switching on the device. The LED emits red light and generates a pleasant heat after about 1 minute.

Red light has a wavelength of 550 to 640 nanometers. This means that it penetrates the skin the deepest of all colors. Red light can stimulate collagen production and blood circulation, thus helping to tighten the skin. It is therefore particularly suitable for preventing premature aging of the skin.

The additional microvibratones massage the skin, can stimulate lymphatic flow and optimize the absorption of active ingredients.


A title

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The device changes to this mode after pressing the power button again. The LED now emits blue light and the massage function pulses.

Blue light has a significantly shorter wavelength than red light (400-450 nanometers). As a result, it acts directly on the surface of the skin. There it can inhibit inflammation, regulate sebum production and have a calming and disinfecting effect. This makes it ideal for the supportive treatment of skin impurities.


If you want to use the IN:FUSE DUO PEN without vibration, for example for the targeted treatment of impurities with the blue light, simply hold it during treatment so that the silver induction ring is not touched.

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