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Intensive hydration and comprehensive care: Regulates skin tone, soothes the skin, tightens pores and protects skin cells from free radicals and fine dust.

  • Oil-free formula with 5 types of hyaluron
  • Flexible application, as it can be combined in the best possible way
  • Suitable for every skin type
NEW - optimised texture in the practical airless dispenser: Better dosage + easier to spread!

Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days



  • Texture: Transparent gel
  • pH value: approx. 5.5
  • Odour: Discreet


  • Skin type: Suitable for all skin types
  • Skin condition: dehydration, sensitivity
  • Application: Like a serum or mix with moisturiser.
Description of the

Much more than just a hyaluronic gel! With the hyFIVE BOOSTER HighDroxy presents a highly concentrated care gel that combines five different care aspects:

  • 5 different hyaluronic acids, supplemented by the hyaluronic booster AQUAXYL™, lactic acid and glycerin, bind moisture over several tissue layers in a long-lasting way.
  • 5 percent niacinamide and skin-identical wheat ceramides refine the pores and smooth the skin; in addition, niacinamide helps to balance hyperpigmentation and supports an even skin tone.
  • 5 percent panthenol soothe the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Extracts of red algae, water lily and Japanese wormwood protect the skin cells from premature aging caused by light and stress.

The hyFIVE BOOSTER can be used flexibly and is suitable for all skin types (follow application instructions).


AQUA (water serves as a solvent and source of moisture), PENTYLENE GLYCOL (pentylene glycol is a solvent with moisture-binding and antimicrobial properties), PANTHENOL (provitamin B5 stimulates the formation of new cells, promotes wound healing and regenerates), NIACINAMIDES (niacinamide or vitamin B3 regulates skin tone, sebum and moisture balance and strengthens the skin's resistance), XYLITYLGLUCOSIDE (moisturizer of plant origin, preserves moisture and nourishes the skin), ANHYDROXYLITOL (humectant of plant origin, maintains moisture and cares for the skin), XYLITOL (xylitol maintains skin moisture and cares for the skin), GLYCERIN (glycerine is part of the skin's own moisture retention system; it strengthens the skin barrier and promotes elasticity), SODIUM LACTATE (sodium lactate is a salt of lactic acid; (sodium lactate is a salt of lactic acid; it regulates the pH value and maintains the skin's moisture), SODIUM PALMITOYL PROLINE (amino acid with anti-inflammatory properties), NYMPHAEA ALBA FLOWER EXTRACT (water lily extract with skin-soothing properties) CHONDRUS CRISPUS EXTRACT (red seaweed extract with skin-caring properties), PROPANEDIOL (vegetable, nourishing alcohol that dissolves ingredients, has a preservative effect and prevents the evaporation of water so that the product does not dry up), ARTEMISIA CAPILLARIS FLOWER EXTRACT (wormwood extract with strong cell protecting properties), CERATONIA SILIQUA GUM (thickener extracted from the carob tree), SODIUM HYALURONATE (hyaluronic acid stores many times its own volume of moisture, cushions the skin and stimulates collagen formation), XANTHAN GUM (xanthan is a thickening agent derived from sugar, which is also used for organic food), GLYCOSPHINGOLIPIDS (ceramides are an important component of the lipid barrier of the horny layer. This makes the skin more resistant to external influences and the transepidermal water loss), GLYCOLIPIDS (membrane lipid, which is involved in important cell metabolism and contributes to strengthening the skin's own lip barrier), SODIUM HYALURONATE CROSSPOLYMER (particularly small form of hyaluronic acid, which is also three-dimensionally cross-linked. This results in a sponge-like structure that can store moisture in the skin tissue for longer), SODIUM ACETYLATED HYALURONATE (variant of hyaluronic acid with fat-soluble properties, which makes it particularly well absorbed by the skin and has a longer effect), HYDROLYZED HYALURONIC ACID (fragmented hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight, which penetrates particularly deeply into the skin layers), ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN (glycerine compound with caring and preserving properties), LACTIC ACID (lactic acid is a very mild fruit acid which moisturizes and in this formulation regulates the pH value)


Use hyFIVE BOOSTER as you would a serum, as a standalone treatment or add it to your favourite moisturiser. We recommend that you allow hyFIVE BOOSTER to absorb thoroughly before applying make-up.

The hyFIVE BOOSTER is suitable for all skin types. Please reduce the amount used if the product rolls off after being absorbed. Alternatively, enriching the subsequent care with the hyFIVE BOOSTER has also proven successful: To do this, put 1-2 pump shots of the BOOSTER in your palm, add the subsequent care, mix the two and apply this.


95 reviews for hyFIVE BOOSTER

  1. Laa (Verified owner)

    My skin loves it! I have used several products in my routine and at first I hardly noticed any effect from the booster. But when I took it with me on holiday as the only product including cream due to lack of space, I noticed how unbelievably great my skin had become. In the meantime, I have reduced the rest of my routine a bit, but I use the booster every day and I am really more than satisfied. My skin simply doesn't need much more! Feels super pleasantly light on the skin, moisturises it, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a film or roll off! TOP TOP TOP! PS: it's also great for my fungal acne on my forehead :) Will buy it again and again. Thank you for the great product.

  2. Michaela (Verified owner)

    I am thrilled with the new formulation. No more "roll formation". Absorbs super. The skin is relaxed and extremely moisturised. Great booster for subsequent products. I use it in the morning as a first step before Calm Balm and a sunscreen. The dosage is generous. So rather carefully press on the dispenser ;). I'm in luck.

  3. M. Probst (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant texture, no longer rolls off, I like it very much!

  4. Irina G. (Verified owner)

    Moisturises. I use the gel in the evening and leave it on overnight.

  5. Martin R. (Verified owner)

    all products very nourishing for my skin

  6. Cornelia A. (Verified owner)

    Moisturises my dry skin.

  7. Eva B. (Verified owner)

    It's called a "freshness kick". Younger, more even, plumper subito.
    This wonderful company, how do they do it?

  8. Eva B. (Verified owner)

    One of the many wonderful beauty boosters from HighDroxy!
    My very sensitive skin tolerates this beautybooster very well....

  9. B. Slamanig (Verified owner)

    indispensable for my oily skin with large pores makes the skin look very nice and fine

  10. S. Yoon (Verified owner)

    A super product, plumps up the skin and keeps the moisture. My skin looked plump and fresh with the booster! Unfortunately after using it for 6 months: There is probably something in it that causes an allergy in me and only after a few months triggered allergic eczema. However, my skin is very sensitive to allergies. Too bad, I will have to find another product. However, I was very satisfied with the effect.

  11. N. House (Verified owner)

    I ordered this for the first time, more next time! Goes on well and absorbs quickly, therefore already 4 stars

  12. I. Grünwald (Verified owner)

    Wonderful moisturiser. Best applied before night or when no other make-up is applied.

  13. Marita W. (Verified owner)

    Repeat order. Very nice moisturiser. Use it as a serum.

  14. S. Mehring (Verified owner)

    Pleasant consistency and very productive

  15. F. Laugier (Verified owner)

    Good product, I had to fiddle around a bit until it no longer crumbled in combination with other products. Nevertheless, I am satisfied.

  16. R. Piffrader (Verified owner)

    For me, these are the best products!
    I couldn't imagine using anything else for my skin.
    As I said, I only use water and HighDroxy on my skin.

  17. Adam R. (Verified owner)

    My wife has always been very satisfied with the products she has ordered from High Droxy and I have always had to pay for them (poor Adam). Unfortunately, I can't give any care or application tips for these products, as my well-groomed male skin doesn't need them.

  18. Martin R. (Verified owner)

    a good product for my skin

  19. A. Bartla (Verified owner)

    The booster is perfect for me! First the hyFive Spray, then the booster on the still slightly damp skin. After it has been thoroughly absorbed, add the sun oil. Perfectly moisturised skin all day long without feeling dry.

  20. T. Horn (Verified owner)

    I ordered the luxury sample here to test. Definitely a repeat purchase

  21. N. Funk (Verified owner)

    I always use it after my micro-needling roller. But it has to be washed off once after it is absorbed, otherwise lumps will form when applying another product.

  22. D. Step (Verified owner)

    Simply brilliant and I like to mix it with the Restore.

  23. A. from Cube (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant on the skin

  24. I. Grünwald (Verified owner)

    Gives my skin (very dry) a freshness boost and moisturises it.

  25. S. Houses (Verified owner)

    very good and light care, my bitchy combination skin loves this product

  26. S. Kollmeier (Verified owner)

    Wonderful together with the high Five Spray

  27. M. Probst (Verified owner)

    I really like it, one of the products I don't travel without.

  28. B. Falkenberg (Verified owner)

    I can no longer imagine my life without it!

  29. J. Bütün (Verified owner)

    I only got 2 sample packets. That is not enough for an evaluation.

  30. m. meineinkauf gmbh (Verified owner)

    boosts really, but you have to be careful not to take too much, otherwise it rolls off...

  31. S. Kauert (Verified owner)

    First had 1 sample of the HyFive Booster, can be applied well.It is very light and absorbs quickly.Makes the skin very soft and is well compatible with my creams and also under makeup.Use it pure as a serum.I like very much

  32. E. Becker (Verified owner)

    With the hyFiveBooster under my day shift Re-Store, I triumph over time.
    To top it all off, I add a little In-Fuse on top. Or CalmBalm, if the skin is ever irritated.
    I can only say that I know why I repeat this every day; the products are simply outstanding.

  33. S. Kamp (Verified owner)

    tried it out for too short a time to be able to make a final assessment...

  34. Marita W. (Verified owner)

    Repeat purchase. Super product.

  35. Birgit M. (Verified owner)

    Gave the booster as a gift and hope it works well!

  36. N. Wölki (Verified owner)

    This booster is just great! You really only need a little to apply it to the whole face. Nevertheless, you have a well-groomed and well-moisturised feeling on the skin.

  37. Elke G. (Verified owner)

    Together with the DFence and another nice oil in the evening, the perfect moisturiser.

  38. A. Weidinger (Verified owner)

    Feels very pleasant on the skin.

  39. B. Falkenberg (Verified owner)

    Makes skin smooth and even. I will order again and again

  40. A. Hamm (Verified owner)

    Is still in the test phase

  41. L. Rüttinger (Verified owner)

    The fresh moisture kick. For me, the ideal moisturising serum after toner, before skincare. No more dry tightness

  42. A. Schwarz-Jagersbacher (Verified owner)

    No evaluation possible yet

  43. B. Both-völkl (Verified owner)

    Moisturises very well, my skin tolerates it very well, both on its own and mixed with other products.

  44. Elke G. (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant, light care. I always use it together with an oil (e.g. the sun protection oil) as a finishing touch
    In summer also as a sole care product.

  45. G. Strohmeyer (Verified owner)

    Is easy to use and absorbs well.

  46. S. Grünhagen (Verified owner)

    Plump and very well moisturised skin

  47. B. Patzak (Verified owner)

    Absorbs very quickly and leaves a good feeling on the skin. Absolutely recommendable.

  48. P. Anthes (Verified owner)

    So far, I haven't noticed an aha effect with hyaluron products. Here, my skin is beautifully moisturised and plumped.

  49. I. Ludvik (Verified owner)

    Moisturises very well and is absorbed immediately.

  50. M. Schumann (Verified owner)

    Already ordered for the 2nd time, provides sufficient moisture.

  51. I. Ludvik (Verified owner)

    Immediately absorbed, extremely moisturises the skin. I used infuse over it, a great combination for me.

  52. B. Hörrlein (Verified owner)

    great - good sevice - good product

  53. C. Santini-Boettcher (Verified owner)

    The booster is ideal for my skin.

  54. Isabelle V. (Verified owner)

    It moisturises well and is completely absorbed without leaving an annoying film. Great product.

  55. S. Kiczka (Verified owner)

    I mix it into my day cream and I am mega satisfied.

  56. K. Seipp (Verified owner)

    Sample ordered, handling not for me, dosing difficult, otherwise crumbly.

  57. Tatjana S. (Verified owner)

    Produces super moisture values for me...throughout the day. And creates the legendary "plop effect" .... in the short and long term.
    Really only use a little, otherwise it sticks and rolls up. Speaks for the high concentration and the price is more than justified Thumbs up

  58. Heike W. (Verified owner)

    I do not need this product, neutral assessment

  59. Isabelle V. (Verified owner)

    Solid product, moisturises well, recommendable.

  60. C. Hofmann (Verified owner)

    I think all the products I have tried so far are good.
    This one too. Very nourishing.

  61. T. Gruber (Verified owner)

    I always mix it with hyaluronic serum (currently Clinique Moisture Surge). The feeling after applying the cream is not so great. It lacks the velvety feeling that you get with Re:Store , for example. However, the plumping effect and the moisture enrichment of the skin after a few weeks is terrific.

  62. I. Schuppik (Verified owner)

    Very good product. Absorbs quickly. Will be ordered again

  63. B. Wehowsky (Verified owner)

    Fantastic Clear buy recommendation

  64. E. Becker (Verified owner)

    I have only used it once, but I will be happy to do it again.
    More on this in the next review - with more experience with the product. It seems as excellent as everything I know from HighDroxy.

  65. D. Lipstein (Verified owner)

    The booster is ok, but nothing special. It doesn't absorb well and feels sticky - so it's more for the evening. There are enough Korean non-irritant serums and boosters that moisturise better. No recommendation from me.

  66. A. Kulle (Verified owner)

    I like it a lot, it rolls a bit, but I use it at night.

  67. Marianne C. (Verified owner)

    Recommended to me by a friend

  68. L. Swift (Verified owner)

    Very well tolerated. Great result

  69. M. West-Krahforst (Verified owner)

    I'm still in the trial phase. But it seems to be fully effective already.

  70. B. Keplinger (Verified owner)

    Great serum. Makes skin supple, plump and even
    I tolerated it very well, which is not always easy for me.

  71. P. Langendorf (Verified owner)

    A new love. I first ordered the luxury sample as a precaution. Now the large size has moved in with me. I have rarely seen such a fast improvement of the skin, and my skin is already very good
    . Also extremely economical.

  72. S. Störmer (Verified owner)

    I'm thrilled. I currently use the booster both in the evening and in the morning, and it fills my dryness lines effortlessly. If it is applied sparingly enough, there are no problems with make-up. Will definitely reorder because I will definitely continue to use the product in my skincare routine.

  73. S. Grünhagen (Verified owner)

    Simply great. Very compatible and effective.

  74. A. Janssen (Verified owner)

    Excellent serum Just right for my skin.

  75. E. Bodensteiner (Verified owner)

    Recommendation from friends

  76. Marita W. (Verified owner)

    Great product, versatile.

  77. Ulrike M. (Verified owner)

    Great effect, really use very little

  78. K. Costanzo- Pasalic (Verified owner)

    For me it's like hydrogel. It's ok in and of itself but it's very shiny on my skin, like oil. It doesn't matter if I use a little. I also have the feeling that my skin tightens after application. It's hard to combine with make-up, even though I have to wait 15 minutes.

  79. S. Grünhagen (Verified owner)

    Very well tolerated. Makes a great main image.

  80. K. Spreitzer (Verified owner)

    I liked the previous model quite a bit and am just finishing using it, looking forward to the booster.

  81. V. Januschke (Verified owner)

    super great booster, the skin feels very plump and smooth, I will definitely buy it again.

  82. Iris R. (Verified owner)

    Economical to use, a small drop is enough. Gives a lot of moisture and the skin looks more refreshed. I am very satisfied with the booster.

  83. B. Chandelier (Verified owner)

    Great moisturiser, plumps up my skin significantly. Thank you that I don't have to cry after the hydrogel anymore.

  84. A. Schäfer (Verified owner)

    Economical to use, yet noticeable change. I can recommend it and I will buy it again.

  85. S. Germowitz (Verified owner)

    I chose it because I was looking for a moisture booster and I always wanted to buy something from this company. I read KK's review and bought it. It works great, I tolerate it very well and it doesn't roll off, I always mix it with a serum.

  86. F. Ulmer (Verified owner)

    works fine for me, also in combination with Daylight 30

  87. F. Ulmer (Verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the moisture enrichment.

  88. F. von Eichborn (Verified owner)

    Can't say yet, ordered for the 1st time

  89. V. Barthel (Verified owner)

    Absorbs well with booster. Does a good job

  90. L. Seker (Verified owner)

    Cool ingredients, but rolls off too much

  91. S. Janssen (Verified owner)

    Very nice booster, but it has now been taken out of the range.

  92. C. Kloe (Verified owner)

    Wow I would not have expected such an effect. Great moisturisation and plump skin. It has a better effect on me than a very expensive, good serum from a Swiss manufacturer.
    It is also very economical because you only need a small amount. Price-performance ratio is absolutely perfect here.

  93. C. Berthel (Verified owner)

    Super, I can only recommend

  94. Eva R. (Verified owner)

    A great moisturising and skin-soothing serum for under the day cream. As soon as my stock of HighDroxy ONE Hydro-Gel is used up, I will definitely reorder the HyFIVE Booster .

  95. Anne F. (Verified owner)

    Love me , good support for my subsequent products.

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"The hyFIVE Booster has all the care properties that we expect from a moisturizing gel today. The concentrated formula and silky consistency make it possible to use this booster completely individually and according to your needs or skin type - as a complete moisturizer, additional serum or to mix with your favorite skincare.

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -


The hyFIVE Booster from HighDroxy® is a highly dosed care gel with a total of 5 effective properties. The classic active ingredients panthenol and niacinamide, each in high doses of 5%, provide active skin soothing and a balanced complexion. In addition, these active ingredients are used:

5-fold Hyaluron & Ceramide - for more moisture and finer pores
Highdroxy hyFive Booster Active ingredient Hyaluron Ceramide


A title

Image Box text

A complex of five different, partly cross-linked hyaluronic acids covers a particularly broad molecular spectrum and thus ensures long-lasting moisturisation right into the depth of the skin. Supplemented by the hyaluronic booster AQUAXYL™, glycerin and lactic acid, the hyFIVE BOOSTER offers optimal moisture supply.

The phytoceramides 2, 3 and 8 obtained from wheat are also effective against transpidermal water loss. Despite their vegetable origin, they are skin-identical and thus directly fill gaps in the skin lipid film. In addition, they increase the elasticity of the pore walls and support a refined skin appearance.

Water lily and wormwood help against light and stress-related skin aging

The high-energy light absorbed via LED screens, also known as blue light, can accelerate the so-called oxidation cascade in skin tissue and thus promote premature skin aging. The extract of Japanese wormwood contained in hyFIVE BOOSTER helps to neutralize the radiation-induced oxidative damage.

Water lily extract also reduces skin stress. In this way, the signs of skin aging caused by stress and light can be effectively reduced in deep skin layers that are not yet visible to the naked eye.

Highdroxy hyFive Booster Active ingredient Hyaluron Water Lily


A title

Image Box text

Invisible, but effective: The biomimetic protective film of red algae
Highdroxy hyFive Booster Active ingredient red algae


A title

Image Box text

The complex obtained from special red algae acts like a second skin. A wafer-thin, highly flexible and breathable film of carrageenans combines with skin proteins and fends off environmental pollution and fine dust all day long like an invisible protective shield. Even the evening cleansing of the face is made easier.


The hyFIVE BOOSTER has a highly concentrated formula with an active ingredient content of well over 20%! Please use it sparingly - rule of thumb: as much as necessary, as little as possible. Allow to absorb well before applying subsequent products or enrich/mix with it and apply together. 

If you use the hyFIVE BOOSTER pure (as a serum or sole moisturizer), it is best to apply it to the still slightly damp skin, for example after using a toner or facial cleansing. In this way, a particularly large amount of moisture is retained in the skin.

If you mix the hyFIVE BOOSTER in the palm of your hand with a few drops of our CALM FACE OIL, the result is a silky, emulsifier-free care emulsion. This is perfectly suitable as a light day care. However, be sure to use creams in between. Use D-FENCE 50 instead of CALM FACE OIL, even with UV protection!

These products fit the hyFIVE BOOSTER


Anti-aging serum with immediate smoothing effect. For all skin types.


Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster


Liquid UV protection with antioxidants and ultra-light oils


Microfine care emulsion for universal application