HYDRO FLEECE cleaning cloth

Gentle fleece cloth to support facial cleansing with the HighDroxy CALM CLEANSER. The special polyester nonwoven consists of microfilaments that have no abrasive effect and are therefore gentler on the skin than conventional microfiber cloths.

  • Removes make-up supermild but thoroughly
  • Hypoallergenic. Hygienic due to silver ionization
  • In a practical double pack - so you always have a clean copy at hand



Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days (D)

9,95  / slice



Normal skin

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Oily skin


combination skin


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Pale complexion

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Features & Benefits
The HighDroxy HYDRO FLEECE has a size of 23 x 23 cm and consists of a revolutionary, patented high-tech fabric: Star-shaped micro-yarns, 100x finer than a human hair and 10x thinner than conventional micro-fibres, are interwoven by hair-fine water jets without forming protruding hairs or loops, as is common with conventional micro-fibre cloths.
The result is a completely new, particularly soft and non-slip non-woven fabric that is much gentler on the skin than other microfibre cloths because it has no abrasive properties. Therefore it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.
The microfibre fabric (100% polyester) of HYDRO FLEECE is Oeko-Tex certified, PVC-free and hypoallergenic. It is also permanently hygienic thanks to silver ionisation and can be reused many times. It can be machine-washed at least 200 times. With a wash every 5 days, you get about 3 years of use!

The HYDRO FLEECE is not impregnated and is ready for immediate use. We recommend using it together with the HighDroxy CALM CLEANSER. The cleansing results when using the HYDRO FLEECE alone or when used with other facial cleansers may differ.

Rinse HYDRO FLEECE with warm water and wring out well. Then use the damp fleece to remove the previously applied CALM CLEANSER by gently stroking outwards. Reduce the pressure in the sensitive eye area.
If necessary, rinse again in between.

Can I use the HYDRO FLEECE with other cleansers?
Yes, you can use the HYDRO FLEECE with all facial cleansers that are removed with water.

Can the silver come off the cloths (e.g. through abrasion or washing)?
The silver ions used in HYDRO FLEECE adhere firmly to the fibers. The silver ions (which are even smaller than nanoparticles) are an integral part of the microfiber yarn and not added as a coating. Even if you simply wash the cloth in the washing machine with a full detergent between 40°C - 95°C, the silver ions are still detectable even after 200 washes.

Are the wipes suitable for rosacea?
In rosacea, we generally advise against rubbing the skin, as this irritates the skin unnecessarily. Of course, it always depends on the severity of the rosacea. Even though the HYDRO FLEECE is extremely gentle, we would rather refrain from using it - and the accompanying mechanical friction.

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Stefanie W.

Very practical

7 months ago
Tatjana S.

For me, the best cleansing wipe (and I have tested several)!
It cleanses perfectly, but is still mild to my sensitive rosacea skin. It's the right size (by now) and can be used for a really long time by washing it!

8 months ago

I also bought a similar cleansing wipe from another company, but this one is even softer, but more thorough at the same time. Very nice product to cleanse the skin without removing the skin's own lipids.

9 months ago
Rebekka O.

Good cleaning properties.

1 year ago

"Theidea was to develop a sustainable alternative to make-up removal. Paper tissues or cotton pads end up in the trash every day, while the HYDRO FLEECE can be washed in the washing machine after about 5-7 uses. The fine texture of the fleece and the moisturizing CALM CLEANSER are a great combination to cleanse the face (of makeup) while respecting the skin's protective barrier"

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -


Did you know that HYDRO FLEECE dries particularly quickly? The water is actually only absorbed by the interstices of the micro yarns and can thus evaporate again quite easily.

By the way, you don't have to rub or scrape when using HYDRO FLEECE. Even strong make-up is removed wonderfully if you first press the fleece gently and then remove it.

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