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HighDroxy® RE:STORE is an intensively protecting, balancing and regenerating peptide cream. Dipeptides promote the suppleness and resilience of the skin. Tetrapeptides promote the moisture content and firmness of the skin. Tripeptides stimulate the formation of collagen fibres. Polypeptides provide effective protection against environmental influences.

  • Velvety, light texture that absorbs quickly
  • Nourishes and repairs the skin intensively without greasing.
  • PZN for the order in the pharmacy: 16322562



Lieferzeit: ca. 2–3 Werktage (D)


  • Texture: gel cream
  • pH value: 5.0 - 6.0
  • Odour: Discreet


  • Skin type: Dry skin, Normal skin, Combination skin
  • Skin condition: Premature ageing, sensitivity
  • application: In the morning and/or evening
Features & Benefits

RE:STORE is much more than just a rich version of the IN:FUSE anti-aging serum: it complements and completes its properties with additional active ingredients and precious oils. The delicately melting yet intensely nourishing cream texture immediately gives the skin a velvety finish - naturally without silicones, mineral oils, perfume or skin-irritating alcohol.

  • Precious Cacay oil nourishes the skin, protects it with antioxidants and promotes the renewal of skin cells with its high content of natural retinol.
  • A vegan peptide mix of the latest generation additionally stimulates the formation of new collagen fibres.
  • Valuable extracts from Wakame algae, goji berries and beetroot improve the skin's moisture intensively and sustainably.

AQUA(water serves as a solvent, is the most commonly used ingredient and thus the basis of many HighDroxy formulations), PENTYLENE GLYCOL(pentylene glycol is a solvent with moisture-binding and antimicrobial properties), CARYODENDRON ORINOCENSE SEED OIL(Cacay oil is an intensely nourishing oil rich in vitamins and linoleic acids), VITIS VINIFERA SEED OIL(Grape seed oil is rich in polyphenols and tocopherols), SQUALANE(Squalane is a vegetable oil; (Squalane is a vegetable oil; it has a moisture-retaining effect, makes the skin feel silky and improves the absorption of the product), BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER(Shea butter has a moisture-retaining and lipid-replenishing effect), OCTYLDODECANOL (Octyldodecanol is a fatty alcohol with a smoothing and nourishing (because it has a lipid-replenishing effect), DICAPRYLYL ETHER (Skin-friendly solvent with a lipid-replenishing effect), POLYGLYCERYL-2 STEARATE (Natural cosmetic emulsifier with nourishing properties), GLYCERYL STEARATE (Glyceryl stearate is a vegetable-based emulsifier that leaves the skin feeling light and soft), STEARYL ALCOHOL(Fatty alcohol with skin-nourishing properties), CETEARYL ALCOHOL(Cetearyl alcohol is a consistency-giving co-emulsifier on a vegetable basis; FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDES ( Oligosaccharides derived from sugar beet that increase the moisture content of the skin), BETA VULGARIS (BEET) ROOT EXTRACT (Extract of beetroot; SR-SPIDER POLYPEPTIDE-1(silk proteins protect the skin by means of a breathable film), 1,2-HEXANEDIOL (this nourishing alcohol dissolves and stabilises active ingredients and also has a moisturising effect), CAPRYLYL GLYCOL(Natural cosmetic preservative that additionally keeps the skin moisturized), XANTHAN GUM(Xanthan gum is a thickening agent derived from sugar that is also used for organic foods), LYCIUM BARBARUM FRUIT EXTRACT ( Goji berry extract; rich in antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements; excellent source of nutrients for the skin), GLYCERIN(glycerine is part of the skin's own moisturising system; it strengthens the skin's barrier and promotes elasticity), CERAMIDE NP(ceramides are the body's own component of the skin barrier; (ceramides are an endogenous component of the skin barrier; they protect it against harmful environmental influences and regulate the moisture balance), UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA (WAKAME) EXTRACT (extract of wakame algae with skin-protecting and moisture-retaining properties), CAPRYLIC / CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE(neutral oil is an irritation-free, oxidatively stable and highly spreading oil ideal for low irritation formulations), TETRADECYL AMINOBUTYROYLVALYLAMINOBUTYRIC UREA TRIFLUOROACETATE (Vegan tri-peptide, promotes skin firmness and elasticity), PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-5 (Vegan tri-peptide; promotes firmness and elasticity of the skin), PALMITOYL DIPEPTIDE-5 DIAMINOBUTYROYL HYDROXYTHREONINE (Vegan Tetra-Peptide; promotes firmness and elasticity of the skin), SODIUM HYDROXIDE(Sodium hydroxide is a pH regulator of mineral origin), TOTAROL (extract of the New Zealand stone yew; 3 times more antioxidant than vitamin E).


You can use HighDroxy® RE:STORE as a day or night care. Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed skin as the final step of your skincare routine. RE:STORE is an excellent complement to the IN:FUSE serum, but can also be used very well as a stand-alone care product.


136 Bewertungen für RE:STORE Creme

  1. 0laud1a65PLK (Verified owner)

    Wirklich tolle reichhaltige Creme. Leider ist mir da viel zu viel, aus meiner Sicht unnötige, Plastikverpackung drum herum. Das können andere besser.

    • HighDroxy Support (store manager)

      Lieben Dank für das Kompliment zu RE:STORE. Wir arbeiten daran, unsere Verpackungen nach und nach umzustellen. Viele Grüße, Ihr HighDroxy Team

  2. Christina G. (Verified owner)

    The best night cream I've ever had! Great jar!

  3. Marion G. (Verified owner)

    Pleasant light texture

  4. Marianne C. (Verified owner)

    It applies very well and I am very satisfied

  5. Elke G. (Verified owner)

    Day and night cream. Very nice, pleasant application, also suitable for rather oily skin, but dry patches and redness also disappear with this cream.

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"The formulation of RE:STORE was real pioneering work for us, because never before have we combined so many active ingredients in one formula. The special feel, which is more moist than greasy despite the richness of the formula, is also a real innovation for a silicone-free product.

Besides the ones presented here, there are many other potent active ingredients in RE:STORE - for example a complex of the latest tri- and tetrapeptides as well as the (vegan) silk peptide already known from IN:FUSE , plus a few more. We know of no other cream with a comparable portfolio of active ingredients."

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -


HighDroxy® RE:STORE intensively regenerates dehydrated, mature or stressed skin, and does so threefold:

  1. The skin lipid barrier is strengthened for a velvety skin feel and improved resistance.
  2. The transepidermal water loss is reduced and the moisture content of the skin is sustainably improved.
  3. The formation of new skin cells is promoted, for reduced wrinkles and a fresher appearance.

This multiple effect is achieved by RE:STORE through the combination of modern high-tech active ingredients with proven plant extracts. We present the most important ones here:

Cacay oil: cares for and renews the skin through natural retinol
helix-ous-oil-highdroxy-active substance-cacay-oil


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The Cacay nut, native to the Amazon region, is the source of this valuable, gently cold-pressed oil with the best active properties: it protects against inflammation, strengthens the skin barrier and promotes the formation of new skin cells. This is made possible by the high active ingredient content, which makes the Cacay oil so valuable:

  • It contains twice as much vitamin E as argan oil,
  • even three times as much natural retinol as rose hip seed oil, and
  • thirty percent linoleic acid and up to 10% linolenic acid

The oil content of RE:STORE is complemented by native grape seed oil. This rapidly absorbed oil is rich in polyphenols and tocopherols and has very strong antioxidant, cell membrane-protecting properties.

Wakame algae and goji berry for velvety plump skin

A special extract from the Wakame algae helps the skin to putty and maintain its protective hydro-lipid film, thus significantly reducing transepidermal water loss. Active substance studies with the concentration we use have shown that dry skin can regain the moisture content of normal skin in just 4 hours.

In addition, the goji berry offers an impressive variety of skin active ingredients: Its extract is rich in B and C vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phenols and polysaccharides. Together they have a strong antioxidant and balancing effect. DNA damage caused by oxidative stress is counteracted.



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Beetroot and high-tech peptides for maximum moisture and strength
cross section-roote-beet-highdroxy-active substance


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The complex of rooted beet extract and oligo-saccharides used for RE:STORE supports the skin's moisture content by increasing the production and activation of the skin's own vitamin D receptor and enhancing the effect of vitamin D itself. Both in synergy promote the skin's ability to retain moisture. The elasticity of the skin is also improved: the depth, area and volume of skin wrinkles were reduced in an in vivo test of the active ingredient used in just 28 days.

Peptides are important for the skin (in fact, there are hundreds of peptides), because without our skin's own peptides, the skin would not remain intact. For example, it would lose firmness and the skin balance would be disturbed. Peptides are very complex building blocks that communicate with our skin (peptides consist of amino acids and are components of proteins) and perform a variety of tasks.

A new generation peptide mix plays an important role in the skin's firmness, suppleness and collagen synthesis. The gossamer silk peptide film already known from IN:FUSE serum envelops the skin and locks in moisture. Tri-, di- and tetrapeptides increase collagen production and make the skin smoother, plumper and firmer.

In combination with antioxidative, skin-soothing and regenerating substances, the peptide mix used here leads to a visible improvement in the skin's appearance.


Is our eye mask EYE LOVE too rich for you? Then RE:STORE is a light, but also intensively caring alternative. Simply apply a thin layer under the eyes - RE:STORE relaxes, soothes and immediately smoothes the sensitive eye area.

RE:STORE and IN:FUSE are a perfect duo: IN:FUSE immediately smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles in the long term. RE:STORE soothes the skin and improves its moisture content. Simply apply IN:FUSE first like a serum, then after a short application time apply RE:STORE.

For those who like it even richer: Simply add a few drops of our CALM FACE OIL facial oil in the palm of your hand to RE:STORE and mix briefly with your fingertips before applying. Your skin will enjoy the extra portion of richness.

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