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This practical moisturising spray contains high-dose niacinamide (4%) and other balancing, nourishing and soothing active ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea extract and panthenol. It is suitable for all skin types.

  • balances the skin tone, soothes irritations and redness
  • refreshes and increases skin hydration
  • PZN for ordering in the pharmacy: 16763935

NEW: Full and travel size now with improved atomiser for a much finer spray!



Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days

Highdroxy hyFive Spray full size close up
Highdroxy hyFive Spray full size close up


  • Texture: Transparent spray
  • pH value: approx. 5.5
  • Odour: Odourless


  • Skin type: Suitable for all skin types
  • Skin condition: dehydration, sensitivity, redness
  • Application: Before moisturiser or sunscreen, or as needed.
Features & Benefits

The HighDroxy hyFIVE SPRAY contains soothing panthenol and aloe vera. The contained hyaluronic acid replenishes the moisture stores of the skin and the particularly high-quality green tea extract acts against redness. Highly dosed niacinamide reduces hyperpigmentation and redness.

Due to its particularly mild formula and the presentation as a spray, the hyFIVE SPRAY is also suitable for the low-touch and low-irritation care of sensitive or sensitized skin, for example after sunbathing or aesthetic dermatological procedures. Also perfect for dry room air (heating, air conditioning or on the plane). The moisturizing spray is suitable for use on the face and body.


AQUA (water serves as solvent, is the most frequently used ingredient and thus the basis of many HighDroxy formulations), 1,3-PROPANEDIOL (pure vegetable, caring alcohol, which dissolves ingredients, has a preservative effect and hinders the evaporation of water, NIACINAMIDE (niacinamide regulates the skin tone, sebum and moisture balance and strengthens the skin's resistance), CAMELLIA SINENSIS (LEAF) EXTRACT (extract (from the leaves) of green tea; preserves skin moisture, has an antioxidant effect and strengthens the skin's own protection against UV radiation), CALCIUM (D) PANTOTHENATE (pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5; promotes the skin's ability to regenerate and regulates sebum production), ALOE BARBADENSIS EXTRACT (aloe vera has a strong regenerative, moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect), SODIUM HYALURONATE (hyaluronic acid stores many times its own volume of moisture, (The sodium salt of citric acid regulates the pH), CITRIC ACID (citric acid is used to regulate the pH and has no exfoliating or irritating effect).)


Use the hyFIVE SPRAY pure for nourishing refreshment, or as an additional care step before applying cream. The odorless moisturizing spray is quickly absorbed into the skin and is compatible with any body lotion or facial care.

After spraying on, gently massage the spray into the skin or simply let it absorb. Our HighDroxy hyFIVE SPRAY is non-exfoliating and can be used as often as desired, even during the day, on the face and body.


137 reviews for hyFIVE SPRAY

  1. Julia H. (Verified owner)

    Amazingly moisturising, can replace a serum in summer.

  2. Christina G. (Verified owner)

    Indispensable in my routine!

  3. Miriam P. (Verified owner)

    Super moisturising, great love in the summer!

  4. Jana W. (Verified owner)

    It moisturises. Whether it does more than that, I can't rate because I used it after a toner and before serums.

  5. Christiane F. (Verified owner)

    Best spray I've ever had, some serums don't have such great INCIS.
    Could mist a little finer, but that's a luxury problem. Best recommendation.

  6. Cyra W. (Verified owner)

    The spray is one of my favourite products. When it gets warmer again, it is ideal to use because the skin gets very nice moisture.

  7. C. Count (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant product, absorbs well and refreshes sustainably

  8. Sonja E.-F. (Verified owner)

    I had slightly over-irritated skin on my face because I couldn't tolerate the products of another manufacturer. So my skin needed a lot of moisture and the spray provided it. I sprayed it on before my other skincare and during the day, after a week, my skin is much more refreshed.

  9. Martin R. (Verified owner)

    well tolerated by my skin

  10. R. Brinlinger (Verified owner)

    Always a pleasure, great spray before grooming.

  11. A. from Cube (Verified owner)

    Honestly, it was a gift
    For me, it's more for the summer.

  12. A. Bartla (Verified owner)

    I ignored the spray for a long time. Simply for the reason that I thought it was something like a thermal spray. It's nice and fresh in the first moment, but without cream on top it dries you out.
    But it was good that curiosity prevailed at some point :)) The hiFive spray is so moisturising and soothing for my skin! Without me having to put a cream over it!
    Always had it with me in the summer. Also helps great with some sun stressed skin, (soothing).

  13. Ulrike M. (Verified owner)

    Can be used in many ways, I currently use the spray directly before the Highfive Booster, which can then be applied perfectly.

  14. T. Horn (Verified owner)

    I love this spray, whether in summer or winter

  15. B. Marx (Verified owner)

    Super spray with high niacemide content.
    Helps my dry and sensitive skin a lot!

  16. J. Hammerschmidt (Verified owner)

    It was a goodie, but I can really use it in the summer. Pulls away well

  17. E. Gärtner (Verified owner)

    My favourite product, especially in summer. The refreshment for skin and hair with simultaneous non-irritant care, it doesn't get any better than this.

  18. B. Marx (Verified owner)

    Very much niacemide makes for very satisfied skin that looks smooth and good !!!!

  19. F. Fischer (Verified owner)

    good product ............

  20. R. Siebel (Verified owner)

    Pleasantly refreshes the skin between meals

  21. S. Kollmeier (Verified owner)

    My summer favourite from High Droxy.

  22. B. Falkenberg (Verified owner)

    I am very positively surprised. I thought you didn't really need something like this. But it immediately soothes red skin and moisturises. Even over make-up. Now my new must-have.

  23. M. Probst (Verified owner)

    Super pleasant for that extra moisture kick in the summer. I no longer like to be without it.

  24. A. Reiners (Verified owner)

    Moisturises and refreshes

  25. H. Elsner (Verified owner)

    Refreshing, great skin feeling, again and again

  26. N. Wölki (Verified owner)

    A nice spray with good ingredients.

  27. S. Kraus (Verified owner)

    Beautiful what more could you want !!!!!!

  28. T. Karner (Verified owner)

    Soothing and cooling on the skin

  29. D. Valencia-Frank (Verified owner)

    A must for pigmentation spots, morning, evening and sometimes in between.

  30. Ulrike M. (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant, prepares the skin well for other products.
    Soothes the skin.

  31. Birgit M. (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant spray! But I haven't used it often enough to be able to say more.

  32. Elke G. (Verified owner)

    My favourite product, always suitable for all occasions. Lots of moisture and care, pleasant application, also for in-between.

  33. E. Gärtner (Verified owner)

    My favourite product, unreservedly recommendable

  34. S. Eberlein (Verified owner)

    Burns a little, but is gone in a moment, soothes afterwards

  35. B. Hörrlein (Verified owner)

    does not necessarily have to be

  36. S. Schramm (Verified owner)

    Soothes and moisturises my skin. Easy to use under any serums or sunscreen.

  37. S. Kiczka (Verified owner)

    I have been using it for years

  38. Martin R. (Verified owner)

    Spray ideal for my skin as a toner or serum.

  39. C. Albert (Verified owner)

    bought again and again, I am very satisfied

  40. D. Kolodziej (Verified owner)

    In use since product launch. Every morning I apply this under the High Droxy DLight SF 30.

    On hot summer days in between or in winter when the heating air is dry.
    My skin is refreshed and looks plump and smooth due to the hyaluron and the additional moisture.

  41. Isabelle V. (Verified owner)

    I have already bought this spray umpteen times, I love it.

  42. A. Field (Verified owner)

    A really great, effective product that I wouldn't want to do without.

  43. M. Silz (Verified owner)

    After using the Hydro Spray's, my facial skin feels very well refreshed. This is already a repeat purchase and for me it is the optimal moisturising product.

  44. B. Wehowsky (Verified owner)

    I use the hydrospray before the High Five Booster. I apply it to the still slightly damp skin. Together a super result

  45. E. Becker (Verified owner)

    For me, the best moisturising extra ever.
    I'm amazed every time at how much it uses. (At least for me.)

  46. A. Kulle (Verified owner)

    I love it and have already bought it several times.

  47. B. Chandelier (Verified owner)

    Ordered for the second time. Indispensable for me as a make-up fixative. The travel size for the handbag is also great.

  48. Anne F. (Verified owner)

    Good skin feeling, I feel good about it.

  49. A. Kulle (Verified owner)

    My favourite product, I have ordered it several times. It is a pleasant moisturiser.

  50. C. von Wendt (Verified owner)

    Perfect feeling on the skin, I will definitely order again

  51. B. Marx (Verified owner)

    Very high niacemide content, very nice for my sensitive skin, I have been using it for a long time - with continued enthusiasm.

  52. E. Gärtner (Verified owner)

    For skin and hair, especially in summer, light and yet very effective and well tolerated. For me, the best product in terms of moisture and care.

  53. j. tabasaran (Verified owner)

    I buy again and again, but the atomizer could be finer so that the product can be sprayed on more evenly.

  54. U. Krauthausen (Verified owner)

    Top product. Already bought several times.

  55. E. Becker (Verified owner)

    I tolerate it very well, and it also hydrates very nicely. Good thing.

  56. E. Gärtner (Verified owner)

    I have been using the hydrospray for years. It is very light and does not weigh the skin down, yet it is very effective. A low-fat moisturiser for every day

  57. K. Freise (Verified owner)

    Great spray with great ingredients, the skin is beautifully cared for and refreshed in the summer. I don't want to do without this product anymore, I have already bought it several times.

  58. Eva R. (Verified owner)

    The hydro spray soothes my rosacea skin very well. Since the manufacturer says it should not come into contact with the eyes, I spray the spray into the palms of my hands and then apply it to my face. Then I apply the hydro gel or another moisturiser. I now do this every evening after removing my make-up and cleansing my face, and so far I am very happy with the soothing and moisturising effect. It is certainly not a "must-have", but a nice "bonus".

  59. Marina B. (Verified owner)

    Super, my skin moisture has improved enormously and the refreshing feeling is very good. Summer can come.

  60. Isabelle V. (Verified owner)

    Already my 3rd bottle. The spray is just great.

  61. N. Haas (Verified owner)

    Top productI use it as additional care over the in fuse serum.Gives the skin super care and a great glow.

  62. S. Burgmüller (Verified owner)

    The best product ever for me... LG. Susanne Burgmüller

  63. S. Becker (Verified owner)

    Perfect for my rosacea skin, especially with the current heating air.

  64. S. Rabe (Verified owner)

    Product is very good, price a little high

  65. M. Heinrich (Verified owner)

    I have skin that is tight and feels very dry after washing; I use the moisturising spray in the morning and evening before I apply the cream. I am very satisfied

  66. S. Eberlein (Verified owner)

    Smells pleasant and soothes the skin immediately

  67. S. Roberts (Verified owner)

    An all year favourite product. A little moisture and freshness boost in winter when the heating air is dry.

  68. U. Krauthausen (Verified owner)

    Super product. Good tolerance. I use it every morning before the D-Light-Fluid and when needed in between. Also on made-up skin.

  69. M. Böttcher (Verified owner)

    Moisturises, especially for dry skin in the cold season.

  70. A. Marquardt (Verified owner)

    This is one of the best crap I know.

  71. E. Gärtner (Verified owner)

    Perfect moisturiser, especially in summer.

  72. J. Dang (Verified owner)

    My sensitive skin reacts positively. Long-term use cannot yet be evaluated.

  73. J. Primas-Schaider (Verified owner)

    Super moisturising after cleansing, soothing after fruit acid peels, leaves no film.

  74. S. Grote (Verified owner)

    Allows the remaining skin care to be better absorbed and provides long-lasting moisture that you can also feel. The spray is pleasantly fine and the product is absolutely odourless - like water.

  75. N. Erfurth (Verified owner)

    It helps very well against acne. The sebum production has not decreased much yet (2 weeks), but it is noticeable. On the other hand, there are far fewer blackheads. I haven't had any inflamed pimples at all. The remaining pimples heal very quickly. In only 2 weeks the scars have decreased immensely with a 30 fruit acid (2x per week) and the Highdroxyspray. You only believe that when you see it for yourself.

    Get the AHA BHA fruit acid from the Ordinary (10 euros), the HighDroxy hydrospray (mega effective in combination) and witch hazel water (without alcohol and other substances). Then you only wash your face with soap in the evening, during the day you only wash your face briefly with water and then apply the witch hazel water and 15 minutes later the spray. Eat a healthy diet, correct your zinc deficiency if necessary (recommendation: zinc gluconate + L-histidine), do sports and meditate.

    Ps: Avoid the sun/buy sunscreen

    You will get baby clean skin

  76. S. Zimmermann (Verified owner)

    Perfect freshness kick for the office

  77. R. Weidhaus (Verified owner)

    Very well tolerated spray. I have super sensitive skin and rosacea. Will order it again.

  78. B. Judge (Verified owner)

    Great product, keeps what it promises

  79. I. Marcy (Verified owner)

    Versatile and very pleasant

  80. A. Smolzik (Verified owner)

    The best serum ever Thank you :-)

  81. K. Seipp (Verified owner)

    Invigorating effect, de-wrinkles in the morning.

  82. I. Minor (Verified owner)

    I also find the Hydro Spray very pleasant

  83. B. De Vries (Verified owner)

    Mild and light even over makeup

  84. H. Widmann (Verified owner)

    Hydrates my dehydrated skin significantly and sustainably. Definitely a repeat purchase for me

  85. K. Freise (Verified owner)

    I love this spray. Gives a nice feeling of refreshed and soft skin. I use it over make-up as well as on its own in between or during my evening routine.

  86. B. Eder (Verified owner)

    The best serum uncomplicated and light.

  87. N. Hieringer (Verified owner)

    is a very concentrated serum-quality moisturiser for the skin and very convenient and quick to spray on. I use it after microneedling and like to spray it on the décolleté after sunbathing.

  88. K. Jaud (Verified owner)

    I use it as a Mist Top product Meanwhile the third big bottle is empty

  89. U. Krauthausen (Verified owner)

    Simply great. It is super moisturising because my neurodermatitis skin can no longer manage this on its own.

  90. j. petran (Verified owner)

    A constant companion for years

  91. S. Ermert (Verified owner)

    top in care and compatibility

  92. M. Burmester (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant feeling on the skin. Moisturises and softens the skin.

  93. A. Menke (Verified owner)

    I would have liked it because I like the ingredients - but unfortunately it burns my skin.

  94. I. Jordan (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant feeling on the skin, will certainly be my daily companion in summer.

  95. T. Wood (Verified owner)

    Feels very good on the skin and moisturises a lot.

  96. K. Sisko (Verified owner)

    Refreshes and cools immediately

  97. U. Krauthausen (Verified owner)

    Dry neurodermatitis skin was yesterday.

  98. E. Müller (Verified owner)

    I became aware of the product through a recommendation. It was not promised too much, I am thrilled. My problem skin, which is prone to allergies and impurities, immediately made friends with Hydro Spray and shows itself from its best side. I use the Hydro Spray mainly, but not only, as "refreshing care" during the day or when I am on the go.

  99. B. Marx (Verified owner)

    I use the Hydro Spray as a facial toner after cleansing. The high niacinamide content in an excellent formulation with the other INCI works wonders for my stressed skin (rosacea, very dry). One small wish: I would like to use the product not as a spray, but in a normal bottle (toner).

  100. R. Schindler (Verified owner)

    When the skin is tight, spray it on quickly and you will feel relaxed again, whether you have sun-stressed skin or skin that has been stressed by the heating air and cold.

  101. G. Ak (Verified owner)

    First-class facial spray and the first thing to go on my sensitive skin. A good basis for the subsequent products. I can only recommend it.

  102. S. Roberts (Verified owner)

    A wonderful spray, underneath, over it always a great feeling.

  103. M. Härtel (Verified owner)

    I ordered it as a sample, but it's not a must-have for me in winter. But I think I'll be happy to use it in the summer. I especially like that the spray is completely fragrance-neutral.

  104. S. Gawehn (Verified owner)

    The hydrospray is perfect for dry skin to care for "in between".

  105. A. from Cube (Verified owner)

    Always good in between and at work

  106. C. Winck (Verified owner)

    Moisturises the skin very well, better than all thermal water sprays

  107. S. Burgmüller (Verified owner)

    Will always buy again...for me one of the best products

  108. A. from the farmer (Verified owner)

    Great product. The perfect addition to any skincare routine. Not comparable to the Aqua Sprays

  109. A. Kahl (Verified owner)

    Moisturising and refreshing

  110. U. Krauthausen (Verified owner)

    You need it, or rather you need a woman. Is very good.

  111. M. Barth (Verified owner)

    Great, skin-soothing product

  112. S. Kasper (Verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product

  113. C. Weissenberger (Verified owner)

    Well tolerated, so far I have not noticed any effect.

  114. P. Li (Verified owner)

    I bought the products because they were always mentioned positively in 2 blogs. And so far I have always been satisfied. I would buy it again and again.

  115. N. Ülker (Verified owner)

    Moisturises, refreshes the skin. Great boost under any cream.

  116. C. von Hirsch (Verified owner)

    Tgl multiple must, indispensable

  117. E. Eckert (Verified owner)

    I'm not really excited about it because I've used hyaluron in the past and it moisturises my skin a lot more.

  118. S. Fink (Verified owner)

    As always, more than satisfied

  119. M. Standhartinger (Verified owner)

    was a gift - THANK YOU dear HighDroxy Team

  120. M. Grehl (Verified owner)

    Does everything it promises. Serum and toner in one. Clarifies, nourishes, soothes.

  121. K. Fischer (Verified owner)

    Great ingredients. In summer, it is completely sufficient for me as a sole skincare product. In winter, I like it for in between and under my day care.

  122. M. Hofer (Verified owner)

    I can never do without it again. Moisturises my sensitive skin perfectly.

  123. I. Ploughmaker (Verified owner)

    Transports moisture into the skin and gives a fresh feeling.

  124. D. Brendel (Verified owner)

    Bought on the basis of a recommendation.

  125. S. Helbig (Verified owner)

    Refreshment for in between.

  126. K. ERZEPKY (Verified owner)

    how did that go again without?

  127. Y. Sevimli (Verified owner)

    Product in spray form,therefore very practical and probably unrivalled,can be integrated very well into care routine,refreshing.long-term experience is pending,as only sample ordered.now fullsize is ordered for the time being:)

  128. V. Griebner- Tully (Verified owner)

    I like it very much because it is rich and has no smell.

  129. N. Hartmann (Verified owner)

    Integrated into the routine in the morning and evening and always a bottle with me for in between. All those thermal waters on the market should be packed away

  130. R. Matthes (Verified owner)

    I tolerate it very well, it moisturises the skin and helps against pimples. Never again without it.

  131. S. Kaiser (Verified owner)

    I only bought the serum and the hydrospray in trial size for now. I only use the serum twice a week and it is absolutely sufficient for slightly blemished and dry skin. The spray was already empty after 3 days - I could use it all the time
    It makes the skin firm, smooth and moisturised.
    Will definitely get the regular product size of this. Really worth buying

  132. A. Schulz (Verified owner)

    Moisturises very well, takes away tension immediately, I would buy again

  133. C. Wieland (Verified owner)

    The spray is my favourite, especially for the summer. It gives a wonderful freshness and the skin looks very even. I will definitely not miss it anymore.

  134. K. Nitt (Verified owner)

    Just received today I have to try it

  135. A. Kulle (Verified owner)

    I was sceptical at first, but it really is a great moisturiser

  136. C. Fehling (Verified owner)

    wonderfully soothing spray, takes away redness immediately

  137. I. Lorenz (Verified owner)

    Also ordered for the second time Very good

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"The hyFIVE SPRAY is so packed with active ingredients that we actually call it a 'serum to spray'. It contains a similarly high concentration of niacinamide as our hyFIVE BOOSTER, namely 4%, as well as other proven skin-soothing ingredients. The hyaluron content is so high that it is just sprayable.

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -


Niacinamide - the multi-vitamin for better skin
vitamin-b3-niacinamide plastic-displayed-in-green


A title

Image Box text

The hyFIVE SPRAY contains high doses of niacinamide: This B3 vitamin, which cannot be produced by the body itself, positively influences numerous functions of the skin. It strengthens the upper skin layers, helps the skin to bind moisture and lipids, and balances out hyperpigmentation and redness.

In the particularly high concentration of 4 percent, a skin-rejuvenating effect is added because niacinamide stimulates collagen build-up.

More about Niacinamide

Not only for drinking healthy: Green tea

In hyFIVE SPRAY a highly pure extract from the leaves of the green tea is used. The effect spectrum of green tea in skin care is impressive: It soothes irritated and blemished skin and also has an antibacterial, detoxifying, pore-refining and anti-inflammatory effect.

The antioxidant properties of green tea are clearly superior to those of other active ingredients and protect against premature skin aging and sun damage, among other things.



A title

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Panthenol and Aloe vera: Real fire extinguisher agents


A title

Image Box text

The juice of the aloe vera plant is rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals and stimulates skin regeneration and wound healing. It is even used to relieve symptoms of skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or acne.

Panthenol perfectly complements this effect with its moisture-binding, skin-soothing and itch-alleviating properties.


Did you know that the hyFIVE SPRAY is wonderful for use after skin treatments or after shaving? Also perfect for men!

After sunbathing, on the plane, in dry air conditions or simply in between, the hyFIVE SPRAY is not only refreshing but also extremely caring. By the way: For oily skins it is often sufficient instead of a cream.

These products match the HighDroxy® hyFIVE SPRAY:


Anti-aging serum with immediate smoothing effect. For all skin types.


Luxurious blend of 15 different care oils, intensively repairing