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HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 is an effective skin care booster with antioxidants and SPF 50 that protects your skin comprehensively against external environmental influences, strengthens its barrier and calms irritations and redness.

  • Silky light drying oil that absorbs quickly
  • Flexible as a booster or can be used on its own
  • PZN for the order in the pharmacy: 16322645



Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days

Highdroxy D-Fence 50 Full Size Close Up
Highdroxy D-Fence 50 Full Size Close Up


  • Texture: Golden yellow oil
  • Odour: Discreet inherent odour
  • Proportion of active UV filters: 30%


  • Skin type: Dry to combination skin (see professional tips)
  • skin condition: premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation
  • Application: During the day
Features & Benefits


Thanks to its liquid, silky formulation, HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 can either be used pure or added to day care. Depending on the skin type, it is absorbed comparatively quickly without leaving a shiny film on the skin. It is basically suitable for all skin types, but it may be too rich for oily skins. Depending on the characteristics of combination skin and the use of other products, D-FENCE 50 is absorbed differently. Please also note the application instructions.

The mix of 3 highly compatible organic UV filters forms a broadband protection with a sun protection factor of up to 50. The proportion of UVA protection is above average and corresponds to a factor of 32.

The highly dosed magnolia extract is many times more effective than vitamin E. It combats inflammatory processes and reduces skin impurities and redness.

DEFENSIL®-PLUS improves the skin condition, stabilizes the skin barrier and counteracts premature skin aging.

Please note that not all skin care products should be stored in the refrigerator! Especially sun protection products or the contained UV filters even take damage at cool temperatures.


CAPRYLIC / CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE (neutral oil is a non-irritating, oxidatively stable and highly spreading oil, which is ideal for low-irritant formulations), ISOAMYL LAURATE (ester oil; BIS-ETHYLHEXYLOXYPHENOL METHOXYPHENYL TRIAZINE (Tinosorb S is an organic UV filter that protects against UVA and UVB radiation), DIETHYLAMINOHYDROXYBENZOYL HEXYL BENZOATE (organic UV filter that protects against UVA radiation and is considered harmless), UNDECANE (Undecane is a 100% mineral oil free & degradable synthetic care oil in the form we use); it makes the skin supple), TRIDECANE (tridecane in the form we use is a 100% mineral oil-free & degradable synthetic care oil; it makes the skin supple), DIETHYLHEXYL BUTAMIDO TRIAZONE (organic UVV filter that protects against UVA and UVB radiation and is considered harmless), MAGNOLIA OFFICINALIS BARK EXTRACT (extract from the bark of the magnolia tree; has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties and thus slows down skin ageing), HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES FRUIT EXTRACT (sea buckthorn extract has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties), ROSMARINUS OFFICIALES LEAF EXTRACT (rosemary leaf extract); is used in this formulation to stabilize the vegetable oils), OCTYLDODECANOL (Octyldodecanol is a fatty alcohol with a smoothing and caring (because re-fattening) effect), RIBES NIGRUM (BLACK CURRANT) SEED OIL (currant seed oil has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory and caring effect), HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL UNSAPONFIABLES (the unsaponifiable part of sunflower oil is used as an emollient; CARDIOSPERMUM HALIACACABUM FLOWER/LEEF/VINE EXTRACT (balloon level extract has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, against redness and itching and soothes the skin), TOCOPHEROL (vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect as it binds free radicals and slows down oxidation processes), HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL (sunflower oil is a light care oil and carrier of active agents)


Please ensure that the pipette of the D-FENCE 50 remains hygienic and is only used for "non-contact dripping". This will prevent contamination from moisture, other care products, or skin contact.

In addition, D-FENCE 50 should not be stored in the refrigerator because the UV filters it contains are sensitive to cold temperatures.

HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 can be used pure for dry, normal and combination skin. If you would also like to use the product for oily skin, we recommend using it as a booster, temporarily mixed with oil-free care such as HYDRO SPRAY or HyFIVE BOOSTER.


For full UV protection, use D-FENCE 50 pure as an independent care step. Depending on the size of your face, you should apply at least 10-12 drops. This corresponds to a full pump stroke of the pressure pipette (30 ml version). If you include the ears, neck and nape of the neck, please increase the amount accordingly.

If you reduce the amount applied (e.g. because the product is better suited to your individual needs), the UV protection will be slightly disproportionately reduced compared to the advertised factor. With half the amount of the above-mentioned recommendation, you will still achieve an SPF of approx. 20.

Please apply water-based serums, sprays, toners and gels before D-FENCE 50, creams after, provided your skin is dry and the oil is well absorbed beforehand. If using a cream after D-FENCE 50, wait until the oil is well absorbed and apply the cream carefully. Avoid vigorous rubbing. In addition, you can also use D-FENCE last care step.

HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 can be added to creams and fluids as well as oil-free gels to enrich them with antioxidant properties and UV protection.

The amount of product added to HighDroxy D-FENCE 50 influences the UV protection performance of D-FENCE 50.

Since D-FENCE 50 is oil-based, it should be well worked into the skin before applying liquid foundation and absorbed for a few minutes.
Please note that some silicone-based foundations do not adhere well to oil-based care products.

88 reviews for D-FENCE 50

  1. Hannah (Verified owner)

    Great product, very pleasant on the skin, very light and well tolerated even around the eyes. I use it every day and it does my skin a lot of good. I think the composition is great.

  2. Jana W. (Verified owner)

    I had hoped for more from this product after the good reviews. It seems to do its job, at least in the cool Kiel sun, but leaves a clear (!) greasy film that can hardly be concealed and doesn't get any less over the course of the day. What a pity! For such a price, I had hoped for much more.

  3. Martin R. (Verified owner)

    very nourishing for my skin

  4. Julia H. (Verified owner)

    It is very oily when applied in the correct amount. For me, it's too heavy for summer. If you want to mix it, you can certainly do well with it.

  5. Christiane F. (Verified owner)

    I am approaching 60 and have had neurodermatitis for about 10 years, but only very rare flare-ups. My skin is the Gobi Desert and the D-Fence 50 has an unsurpassed care effect for me. Absolutely top. Unfortunately, I use a lot and it is very expensive. I use a sample sachet in the morning and apply 2 times. Best recommendation. But I can imagine that it is too rich for oily combination skin. Great winter product.

  6. Susanne N. (Verified owner)

    Great for mixing

  7. Melanie. M. (Verified owner)

    Absolutely top!!! Absorbs quickly and the skin is mega soft.

  8. Louisa W. (Verified owner)

    Actually super. Absorbs quickly and leaves a velvety feeling. Unfortunately it gives me pimples, but I've only been trying it for 10 days. I'll wait and see. The bottle seems to run out quickly and it smells a bit like solvent but not like sunscreen. Too expensive for me personally in the long run.

  9. Marijke B. (Verified owner)

    Very good and pleasant not too greasy

  10. Connie D. (Verified owner)

    Super product, great sun protection, can be combined with any cream.

  11. Andrea L. (Verified owner)

    I use it sparingly (because of the price), but small quantities are sufficient.

  12. A. Lieb (Verified owner)

    Because of the high light protection factor.

  13. Connie D. (Verified owner)

    A great product. I will definitely order the full size for the summer. The ideal thing is that you can combine it with any cream.

  14. S. Junker-Müller (Verified owner)

    German manufacturer, small fine product range. Very fast delivery, no packaging waste. Recommendable

  15. Heike W. (Verified owner)

    Meets my expectations

  16. Martin R. (Verified owner)

    good product to mix

  17. Elke G. (Verified owner)

    Care and sun protection in one product. Good compatibility, the skin is protected and cared for, also suitable for combination skin.

  18. N. Funk (Verified owner)

    Great product, especially if you are very fair-skinned: easy application and super protection :)

  19. M. Lietke (Verified owner)

    Very pleasant on the skin, very economical!

  20. L. Gümmer (Verified owner)

    Normally, I always have problems with cosmetic products because I am allergic to various ingredients. It is therefore difficult for me to find a compatible product. With this product, I have no allergic reactions whatsoever, it is pleasant to apply and wear. I am absolutely satisfied!

  21. A. Schuster (Verified owner)

    This product is completely new to me.
    The high sun protection factor is particularly pleasing.

  22. T. Meier (Verified owner)

    Very light oil that absorbs directly. The sun protection factor is definitely a plus

  23. S. Kauert (Verified owner)

    Great light oil with spf 50, great to apply and spread, absorbs well/quickly. Blends well under my various foundations/BB-CC creams and with other creams. Already 3 times repurchased and always happy to do so again.

  24. D. Valencia-Frank (Verified owner)

    The summer months are coming, so for pigmentation spots, this is a must.

  25. A. Ritter (Verified owner)

    Super product
    Everything feels great

  26. G. Nitschke (Verified owner)

    Well tolerated product

  27. Elke G. (Verified owner)

    I've been using it for a while, it's the perfect day care for any skin. The oil is not greasy, I mix it with HyFive and the skin is protected and cared for.

  28. M. Degner (Verified owner)

    The product is very easy to dose and apply. It does not leave an oil film on the skin.

  29. G. Böhmeke (Verified owner)

    I got D-Fence 50 as a sample.
    Care effect and also sun protection clearly noticeable.

  30. S. Kühnen (Verified owner)

    Pleasant consistency, very good alternative that is not greasy or whitens.

  31. C. Hofmann (Verified owner)

    Very well tolerated and suitable for my rosacea plagued skin

  32. A. Seidl (Verified owner)

    Can't actually rate it yet, haven't tried the sample yet

  33. Elke S. (Verified owner)

    Top product

  34. J. Kuckro (Verified owner)

    Much better skin appearance
    can only recommend it to others

  35. A. Hamm (Verified owner)

    The best sunscreen, pure or in combination with the cream. Highly recommended.

  36. C. Hofmann (Verified owner)

    Products best suited for rosacea skin. I am highly satisfied.

  37. Sabine S. (Verified owner)

    Not yet in use - only sample - so far GOOD

  38. H. Wiedemann (Verified owner)

    My absolute favourite, highly recommended, as pure sunscreen or also for mixing in

  39. A. Kulle (Verified owner)

    Good, a bit much for my oily combination skin, but otherwise great.

  40. J. Janssen (Verified owner)

    I have not used it yet.

  41. S. Strobl (Verified owner)

    Great sun protection product, very practical that you can dose the SPF yourself.

  42. C. Santini-Boettcher (Verified owner)

    This is certainly a cream for me next spring. My skin feels optimal

  43. B. Marx (Verified owner)

    Very nice product for warmer days, also for sensitive skin

  44. K. Freese (Verified owner)

    I like the composition of this sunscreen and especially the modern combination of filters. However, with my oily combination skin, I am still trying out how I can reconcile an oil with my skin. Interestingly, the oil seems visually less greasy than the Day Light 30 fluid, but you can feel the oil film on your skin even after powdering it off. I'll keep testing...

  45. N. Funk (Verified owner)

    Perfect Already bought several times and still enthusiastic

  46. Adam R. (Verified owner)

    Will buy again and again. Top product according to my wife.

  47. E. Gärtner (Verified owner)

    Super sun care, good effect and nice care.

  48. K. Seidel (Verified owner)

    It was a trial sample. But I would definitely buy more.

  49. I. Mulder (Verified owner)

    Very fine and good product Perfect sun protection

  50. B. Keplinger (Verified owner)

    Feels very good, nice and light
    Can't say anything for sure yet, had gotten a slight rash

  51. H. Kasper (Verified owner)

    Perfect for my sensitive skin

  52. E. Tuerk (Verified owner)

    Slightly oily consistency that does not stick and is quickly absorbed. Pleasantly fragrance-neutral.

  53. B. Sauter (Verified owner)

    Absolutely unbeatable in every respect

  54. U. Almstedt (Verified owner)

    I am sun sensitive with a love-hate relationship with sunscreen. I like the combination of high protection and noticeable care. My décolleté looks better than ever.

  55. C. Hofmann (Verified owner)

    My rosacea skin tolerates it well.
    Takes away inflammation. I use the oil as a sole skincare product as a sunscreen.

  56. U. Krauthausen (Verified owner)

    It's only a product sample. I still have to test it. I can't say anything about it.

  57. K. Kahl (Verified owner)

    Dosage is top, oil is absorbed very quickly

  58. C. Wieland (Verified owner)

    Very good to use for the morning routine.

  59. M. Weingartz (Verified owner)

    I love it My absolute MUST HAVE

  60. S. Pethe (Verified owner)

    reorder. depending on the weather and your daily schedule, you can mix more or less d-fence into your day care on one day or use it on its own, making it a super flexible sunscreen that can be adapted to suit all requirements.
    absorbs wonderfully, like no other comparable product from any other manufacturer.
    i hope d-fence will never be taken out of the range because it is my faithful daily companion and i want it to stay that way.

  61. M. Albrecht (Verified owner)

    Great productFirst application and skin feel too.

  62. S. Kratz (Verified owner)

    I like the product very much and immediately reordered the full size.

  63. A. Traudt (Verified owner)

    I cannot say yet, because I have used it for too short a time.

  64. L. Knezevic (Verified owner)

    It is an oil but it absorbs into the skin and leaves a nice main appearance

  65. Ulrike M. (Verified owner)

    The idea is great, but I haven't tried it yet.

  66. J. Bösecke (Verified owner)

    Great ingredients and texture.
    Unfortunately, the price is a bit steep, but at least it's the only SPF oil that works and is actually absorbed (unfortunately, the Beyer&Söhne oil doesn't do that and actually stains (red)).
    It would be good if the prices became more moderate.

  67. L. Özkan (Verified owner)

    Super modern UV protection. It is so comfortable to wear without being shiny.

  68. Marina B. (Verified owner)

    I mix a few drops in hydrogel, which is usually enough for moisturising.

  69. R. Harms (Verified owner)

    beautiful light protection, good for mixing

  70. B. Schöttl (Verified owner)

    very good for me personally

  71. S. Janssen (Verified owner)

    I like it very much and have already bought the original.

  72. M. Weingartz (Verified owner)

    I've been using it for a while and I'm glad I found it. I've never had such calm skin.
    And best of all, my husband likes it too, so we only need one more in the cupboard.

  73. A. Uhlhaas (Verified owner)

    Great I love it Use it when working outside in the open.

  74. J. Bösecke (Verified owner)

    Absolutely recommended
    The only SPF product without silicones etc. that also works with make-up.

  75. N. Honda (Verified owner)

    I am thrilled. The oil is not too oily on the skin and I don't get any pimples either.

  76. Isabelle V. (Verified owner)

    A little oily immediately after application, but then absorbs quite quickly. However, I only use 4-5 drops on my face. I can't use more, otherwise I'm shiny all day.

  77. S. Schindler (Verified owner)

    The D-Fence 50 is super compatible with my combination skin and doesn't look oily on the skin at all. Super care and sun protection in one, it doesn't get any better than this.

  78. J. Bösecke (Verified owner)

    Compared to the SPF oil from Beyer&Söhne, it is 10€ cheaper and, above all, lighter. Definitely an oil, but quite compatible with make-up after the appropriate exposure time.
    In principle, a daily must, especially with AHA/BHA.
    Conclusion: recommendable but still too expensive.

  79. N. Winner (Verified owner)

    A very good alternative to the b calm... I could like it too

  80. I. Marcy (Verified owner)

    Definitely a repeat purchase

  81. I. Small (Verified owner)

    D-Fence is a little too oily, the oil film is too much on the skin, even with only 2 drops for the whole face.

  82. B. Ward (Verified owner)

    Beautiful product. Very pleasant on the skin.

  83. C. Fendt (Verified owner)

    I've used it on my face three times so far. My skin doesn't tolerate many things, but this oil/serum absolutely does. I will order the big bottle next time.

  84. M. Burmester (Verified owner)

    I ordered it for the first time and am already totally convinced. Protects reliably even with high UV exposure, is pleasant to apply and you don't need any additional cream.

  85. L. Rüttinger (Verified owner)

    After cleansing, apply to damp skin, massage in well, let it absorb, then apply the one hydrogel and my skin is velvety, moisturised, non-shiny and protected. Finally, a sunscreen that is not annoying.

  86. R. Brauer (Verified owner)

    I never used sunscreen on my face because I didn't like the filters.
    I find the D-Fence 50 very good when I apply it very thinly, the skin feels great. However, I feel that it might be too rich for my skin and I get blemishes from it. I'll have to test it further to be able to judge for sure.

  87. I. Dittmann (Verified owner)

    A sunscreen that spreads well. But it's still an oil. With make-up it would be too much for me. Too rich even on a Caribbean holiday, but I can imagine it very well on the North Sea. The skin feels nourished and well cared for. The oils contained are light, not as oily as squalane.

  88. Tatjana S. (Verified owner)

    I can only give it 5 stars, although I have only tested it 3 times. My combination skin (normal with a slight "oiliness") absorbed the product immediately and felt wonderfully well cared for all day long....pur used. The test as a mixture is still pending for me....

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"With D-FENCE 50 we would like to offer a silicone- and alcohol-free alternative to all those who do not like to use sun protection with creamy consistencies or mineral UV filters on the face. For the base, we have selected particularly dry and ultra-light ester oils that give D-FENCE 50 a silky matt appearance to the skin after being absorbed (depending on skin type). DEFENSIL®-PLUS is excellently suited for soothing sensitive skin and reducing sun-related skin stress and is contained in high doses in D-FENCE 50."

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -


D-FENCE 50 protects the skin comprehensively against external environmental influences and at the same time has a soothing care effect. This is achieved, among other things, by combining these active ingredients:

Light Protection Factor 50: Best UV protection without whitening


A title

Image Box text

The highly available mix of the three skin-friendly organic UV filters TINOSORB S, UVASORB and UVINUL A PLUS provides reliable broadband protection across the spectrum of UVA, UVB I and UVB II rays. D-FENCE 50 protects the skin with a sun protection factor of up to 50.

The proportion of UVA protection is above average and corresponds to a factor of 32. The pigment-free formulation eliminates any whitening effect. The ultra-light texture simplifies even distribution and high effectiveness of UV filters.

Magnolia Extract: AOX-Power & Antibacterial Effect

The high-dose extract of Asian magnolia contained in D-FENCE 50 has been valued for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It contains large amounts of magnolol and honokiol, two highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances. They fight the bacteria responsible for skin impurities, neutralize free radicals and counteract chronic micro-inflammations in the skin. The antioxidative potential is many times higher than that of vitamin E.

All in all, the magnolia extract thus contributes to a clearly calmed and stress-relieved skin appearance and at the same time supports the skin's own protection against external environmental influences.

white-magnolia-flower-with-green-leaves-highdroxy-active substance-magnolia-extract


A title

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DEFENSIL®-PLUS: Soothed Skin Protection against "Inflamm-Aging
floating oil droplets-highdroxy-active substance-defensil-plus-skin-soothing


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With increasing age, the tendency towards chronic micro-inflammations in the skin increases. These are not immediately visible, but should be understood more as permanent stress that reduces the skin's resistance and accelerates its aging.

DEFENSIL®-PLUS combines blackcurrant seed oil, balloon seed extract and a special sunflower oil concentrate to form a highly anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing therapeutic. It is rich in linoleic acid and phytosterols, which repair the skin's own protective barrier and improve its resistance. Numerous studies prove: redness is reduced, skin stress reduced, itching reduced.


Storage tip: Sun protection products and the UV filters they contain are generally sensitive to cool temperatures and can be damaged. D-FENCE 50 is also best stored in a dry, dark place at room temperature - even when opened. 

D-FENCE is a light oil, which can leave a more or less intense sheen depending on the skin type and texture. This can be wonderfully shaded with PORIFY MINERALS , the protective effect remains unaffected.

When using D-FENCE 50, please ensure that the pipette remains clean and is only used for "non-contact dripping". This will prevent contamination of the product by moisture, other care products or skin contact.

Did you know that you can even mix D-FENCE 50 and DAY LIGHT 30 with each other? This is no problem for anyone who wants to make DAY LIGHT 30 a little richer and add a few drops of D-FENCE 50. The secret: Both products use identical sun protection filters.  

These products are compatible with HighDroxy® D-FENCE 50:


Balancing care spray for intensive moisture and soothing of the skin


Anti-aging serum with immediate smoothing effect. For all skin types.


Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster