Skin book "FACE YOUR SKIN!"

The book all about our most important organ. By Thorsten Abeln, the founder of HighDroxy. 300 pages full of sound skin knowledge, valuable care tips and debunked cosmetic myths.

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What do you need for healthy cared skin? What can skin care actually achieve? And what is really true about the promises of the cosmetics industry?

With no finger pointing, but with helpful professional tips and lots of insider knowledge, this book addresses stubborn myths as well as important skin facts:
  • Multi-talented skin: everything you need to know about your most important organ
  • This is how you determine your individual skin type and optimally adapt your skin care to it
  • Cosmetic active ingredients: What they can really do, which skin they help
  • Problematic ingredients: Which are better left outside and which are half as bad?
  • Skin as an industrial sector: What you should look out for when buying cosmetics

Thorsten Abeln writes accurately, politely, friendly, but also airy and understandable. You notice that he does not need to shine with knowledge. It is important to him that WE understand the matter with our skin, and I credit this book especially highly. A real must for all who have a little more than a blue jar in the bathroom.

- Book review from consumer emperor

Thorsten Abeln, the founder of HighDroxy

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About the author

Thorsten Abeln is the founder of HighDroxy. His experience from many years of industry knowledge, numerous product developments, as well as thousands of consulting sessions conducted by his team and him, flows into this book.

Readers' comments

Face Your Skin: The unvarnished truth about our skin and its care: Recommendable Over the past few months I have read a wide variety of books on the subject of skin care. The book by Mr. Abeln was by far the best and most informative for me. The topic is viewed holistically, in detail and honestly. I am really enthusiastic and will open the book many times.
Barbara Ward
Face Your SkinThe unvarnished truth about our skin and its care: Smart book with a lot of reading fun. I bought Face Your Skin because I'm slowly getting to an age where skin care is something you should be concerned with, so I'm more of a beginner in the subject. The book has helped me extremely well to find the right skin care for me and especially to understand what a cream can do at all and what not. There is so much promised in advertising and most of it is simply nonsense. The author clears up such myths quite nicely. I now understand how skin works, what my skin needs and what to look for when buying. This is exactly what I wanted. I also learned a lot more about everyday things like sun protection. The fact that I also found the book very entertaining was a real plus. I am super satisfied and can highly recommend it.
Face Your Skin: The unvarnished truth about our skin and its care: An entertaining skin book, well written + understandable. In my opinion, the book gives a really good overview and insight on the subject of skin, care, etc., suitable for everyday use. Especially if you don't feel like reading through dermatological literature. Also great for reference, because you do not have to read it from cover to cover. I personally liked the chapter on controversial ingredients and the instructions on how to determine your skin type and what works particularly well or less well for which skin type. In addition, I like the witty and unagitated tone - with all the skincare hype now and the sometimes contradictory information on the net a super manual! Clear recommendation and therefore 5 stars from me!