Simple, ingenious, mild: the peeling for spreading. Simply add to your favourite cleanser - and the peeling cream is ready!

  • Pearls from vegetable oils peel particularly mild
  • Individual dosage for the individually desired effect
  • Can be combined with every Cleanser. We recommend the ultra mild CALM CLEANSER.

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  • Texture: powder
  • pH value: -
  • Odour: Odourless


  • Skin type: All skin types
  • skin condition: roughness (dehydration), dilated pores
  • Application: 1 - 2 times a week
Features & Benefits

A mechanical grain peeling can be a useful addition to daily cleansing: it removes excess horn scales, which, for example, stick out from the surface of dehydrated skin and make the skin feel rough. In addition, it releases blockages from the pores and stimulates the blood circulation. However, this mechanical treatment quickly becomes too much for the skin: if you overdo the abrasive treatment, for example with sharp-edged peeling grains, you will achieve the opposite, because the skin defends itself against stress with a stronger keratinization. It is therefore important that the peeling is particularly mild to the skin.

DERMA BEADS are tiny beads made from plant waxes, bamboo and oat extract. Their rounded shape exfoliates the skin particularly gently without irritating it. They can be dosed as required and mixed with any cleanser. So you can adjust the peeling effect to your individual skin type as required.


Mix the DERMA BEADS with your preferred cleanser as required. Pour the Cleanser into the palm of your hand, sprinkle about half a teaspoon or the individually desired amount of DERMA BEADS on top and then mix both briefly with your fingertips to form a uniform peeling paste.

Now massage this paste into your facial skin with little pressure and not too long and rinse it off thoroughly afterwards. We recommend not to use mechanical peelings more than 1-2 times per week and always in the evening.

Please always avoid sensitive areas with mechanical peelings, regardless of the product used. In the case of acute rosacea we generally advise against mechanical peelings. Exfoliation with mild fruit acids, such as our FACE SERUM, can be an alternative.

Peeling skin has less protection from the sun (because that's what the protruding corneal flakes that are removed with the peeling are actually for). It is therefore essential to use a day care product with UV protection.


HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL (beads of hardened castor oil), SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OIL (beads of jojoba wax), HORDEUM VULGARE POWDER (finely ground bamboo powder), AVENA SATIVA (OAT) KERNEL FLOUR (finely ground oatmeal with nourishing oils)


"A mechanical peeling is intended to loosen excess, already dead skin cells without irritating the skin underneath. This irritation threshold differs from person to person - and that is why we find the DERMA BEADS so ingenious: The peeling effect can be individually adjusted on the basis of the quantity added as required, the selected cleanser and the pressure exerted during the massage. No finished peeling from a tube can do this.

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -


Balls made of vegetable oils and waxes - peeling could not be softer

The eponymous pearls made of hardened jojoba and castor oil are a very gentle, hardly abrasive variant to the usual peeling granules. Their advantage is, besides their size, their round shape without any edges or points: Sufficiently abrasive to remove excess horn scales from the skin surface. But much too gentle to cause micro injuries to the skin, which unfortunately cannot be avoided with many mechanical peelings.

The oils used also have their importance: The moisturizing jojoba oil has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, which support the application especially in case of impure skin. Castor oil cares for the skin due to its high content of unsaturated oils. It suits every skin type and is particularly well tolerated.


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Bamboo powder - extra fine, extra gentle, extra thorough


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Where the oil pearls are too large, the finely ground bamboo powder is used: deep in the pore. Here it helps to loosen blockages from sebum and clean the pore.

The fast-growing and extremely undemanding bamboo is not only an extremely fascinating plant in ecological terms - the superfine bamboo powder is also a convincing addition to DERMA BEADS: it is mild to the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and has a high natural silica content. This helps to strengthen and tighten the skin and naturally absorbs dirt and bacteria from the skin.

Oatmeal - acts like a built-in shock absorber


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Like any mechanical treatment, physical peeling is a challenge for the skin. To ensure that this challenge does not turn into stress, we have added oatmeal to the recipe. The soft, very oily flour coats the particles of the DERMA BEADS and thus acts like a shock absorber to support a gentle, skin-friendly application.

The lipids contained in oatmeal are extremely nourishing - that is why you will find oat extracts in many of our products.


Less is more - this is especially true for mechanical peelings. Slowly approach the right mixture of DERMA BEADS and Cleanser - the information in the package insert is a guide. Also when massaging in: Do not overdo it! The application should feel more like a massage, not a "grinding treatment".

Our deep cleansing tip for impure but sensitive skin: Mix 2 tablespoons of healing clay with 4 tablespoons of water and a teaspoon of DERMA BEADS in a small cup or bowl and apply the mixture to clean skin. After 15 minutes, rinse off with circular movements and plenty of water. Apply this mask a maximum of 1x a week.

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