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Anti-inflammatory and redness reducing essence to soothe sensitive and stressed skin. Stabilizes fine blood vessels, strengthens the skin's protective barrier and promotes a healthy microbiome on the skin's surface. With 5% azelaic acid, Mexican scented nettle, Italian immortelle, oat milk and chicory root.

  • Easy to apply like a toner
  • Suitable for all skin types


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Features & Benefits

Suitable for all skin types
Consistency: Thin
Odor: Slightly aromatic
pH: 5.2 - 5.6

Skin condition

Easy to use, convincing in its effect: The multi-soothing CALM ESSENCE

Chronic stress is ubiquitous in our world - affecting our health at all levels. Even the most common skin conditions perceived as problematic can be caused or exacerbated by stress: Redness and inflammation up to rosacea, impurities, dryness, a sallow skin tone or hyperpigmentation.

As the latest addition to HighDroxy's CALM range, CALM ESSENCE offers a straightforward solution to treat and alleviate these skin conditions right at the start of the four-step HighDroxy skincare routine. The mild care essence, which is applied like a toner directly after cleansing, offers a unique complex of anti-inflammatory, complexion-balancing and barrier-strengthening active ingredients of natural origin.

The active ingredient-rich formulation of CALM ESSENCE combines the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial azelaic acid with skin-soothing and balancing extracts of chicory root, Italian immortelle, Mexican scented nettle and oats. In addition, its prebiotic properties support the skin's microbiome and strengthen the outer horny layer, the stratum corneum. This makes the skin more resistant to external attacks such as pollution and UV radiation.

The calming and strengthening effect of the ingredients used has been thoroughly investigated and impressively measured in studies:


Better complexion correction


Skin temperature


Visible skin redness


of the blood vessels


Sustainable hydration


Thickness of the Strat. Corneum

The CALM ESSENCE uses the investigated active ingredients in the tested concentrations, but was not part of the cited studies. More information below.


The CALM ESSENCE is applied in the second step of the four-step HighDroxy skincare routine, i.e. after cleansing the face and before applying one of our serums.

Put a few drops of the CALM ESSENCE directly on the palm of your hand and spread it on your face like a toner with the flat of your hands. The silky texture allows for economical dosing, use more or less product depending on the desired level of hydration.

Wait only a short time before applying the subsequent care products as long as the skin is still slightly moist, it can better absorb the subsequent care.

Does the CALM ESSENCE replace a serum?

It all depends on your skin condition. According to our four-step skin care routine, the CALM ESSENCE serves to prepare the skin for the following active ingredient serum. This means that the watery consistency moisturizes the skin and makes it more receptive to the following skin care steps. However, since all our preparation products are already rich in active ingredients, the subsequent serum can optionally be omitted or chosen to serve other skin conditions.

Can I also use the CALM ESSENCE on my body?

Naturally! Particularly in the décolleté, where skin stress, for example triggered by UV radiation, makes itself felt in the form of redness or wheals, the CALM ESSENCE has proven its worth. The following also applies to the body: It is better to apply sparingly but regularly than sporadically in abundance.

Is the azelaic acid contained really mild?

Yes, it is. The little word "acid" in skin care by no means automatically means that something is irritating or corrosive. Azelaic acid has proven especially effective for irritated, sensitive and inflamed skin. If you are unsure, test the CALM ESSENCE below your chin first.

AQUA (water), GLYCERIN(glycerin is part of the skin's own moisturizing system; it is barrier-strengthening and elasticity-promoting), POTASSIUM AZELOYL DIGLYCINATE (5% azelaic acid, a mild carboxylic acid used to regulate the skin), PROPANEDIOL (plant-based nourishing alcohol that dissolves ingredients, has a preservative effect and hinders the evaporation of water so that the product does not dry out), INULIN (inulin is a fructose polysaccharide extracted from the root of the chicory and has both prebiotic and moisture-binding properties), TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS EXTRACT (moisture-binding extract from the silver ear mushroom with properties similar to hyaluronic acid), AGASTACHE MEXICANA FLOWER/LEAF/STEM EXTRACT (the extract of the Mexican scented nettle reduces signs of skin stress ), AVENA SATIVA KERNEL OIL(oat oil has nourishing and skin-soothing properties), HELICHRYSUM STOECHAS CALLUS CULTURE LYSATE (the extract of Italian strawflower or immortelle has anti-inflammatory properties), PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS OIL(almond oil with antioxidant and skin-protective properties), GLUCONOLACTONE (very mild polyhydroxy acid of plant origin with weak keratolytic properties), SODIUMLEVULINATE (levulinic acid is of plant origin and has antibacterial and antifungal properties), CAPRYLYL/CAPRYL GLUCOSIDE(surfactant of plant origin), LYSOLECITHIN( soy-basedemulsifier ), SCLEROTIUM GUM (natural thickener), SODIUM PCA(sodium PCA is similar to the skin's own moisturizing system and is therefore an intensive moisture-binding agent), SODIUM BENZOATE (natural preservative), FRUCTOSE(fructose), CITRIC ACID(citric acid), XANTHAN GUM (vegetable thickener), PULLULAN (vegetable film former), SODIUM PHYTATE (vegetable stabilizer), HYDROGENATED LECITHIN (vegetable emulsifier), SILICA (silica is a natural stabilizer), CALCIUM GLUCONATE(acidity regulator), ACACIA SENEGAL GUM (vegetable thickener), POTASSIUM SORBATE (food grade preservative), DECYL ALCOHOL(fatty alcohol of vegetable origin).

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Daniela Sweet

Meanwhile, a fixed part of my morning routine. Wonderfully light and pleasant on my easily irritated skin. Visible success with redness. As with all HD products, patience is rewarded. A very clear recommendation from me.

3 weeks ago

Beautiful skin feeling, skin is well moisturized and soothed

1 month ago
Stefanie A.
Delivered quickly and well tolerated. Like to use it and especially after eyebrow waxing it does a good job. It's a really solid product for my combination skin, which tends to be dry and red in the fall and winter. But the effects are not so deu...
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2 months ago

Even my plagued rosacea skin was happy about the lotion and visibly relaxed!

2 months ago
Kristina Schmidt

Pleasant consistency, perfect soother for stress skin.

2 months ago
Actually 4-5 days is too little to give a real evaluation but the first impression of the essence is quite wonderful and I hope it continues to tone down my sensitivities around my rosacea nose which regularly flare up with the change of seasons....
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2 months ago

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"The CALM ESSENCE complements our range for the second care step of our four-step skin care routine. In addition to the hyFIVE SPRAY for dehydrated or normal skin and the PORIFY BHA SOLUTION for oily or blemished skin, we now also offer a preparation product specifically for sensitive, reddened and hyperpigmented skin.

The CALM ESSENCE not only prepares the skin for the subsequent skincare serums, but already delivers valuable active ingredients to the skin in relevant doses."

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -

Proven effect, relevantly dosed: The most important active ingredients of the Calm Essence

Wheat as a source of azelaic acid, together with figures on the effect on the skin.

Azelaic Acid (5%): Balancing & strengthening on multiple levels

Azelaic acid is a well-tolerated active ingredient that has been researched for over 30 years: it convinces with its comprehensive regulating properties:

  • Azelaic acid effectively soothes the skin and reduces its sebum production. At the same time, it increases skin hydration.
  • Its mildly exfoliating, antibacterial properties inhibit inflammation and blemishes that often co-occur with rosacea.
  • In addition, azelaic acid inhibits melanin synthesis. Uneven skin tones and dark spots can thus be lightened.

Mexican scented nettle: Effectively reduces redness by minimizing skin stress.

The complex extract is rich in two anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Both inhibit the effects of psychological stress on the skin by slowing down the "stress protein" NF-kB from entering the cell nucleus.

In addition, the tone of the vessels is improved and the moisture content of the skin is increased. Mexican scented nettle extract restores the skin's barrier function, moisturizes and evens skin tone.

Photo of the Mexican scented nettle, along with figures on the effect on the skin.
Italian strawflower, together with figures on the effect on the skin.

Infinitely soothing: the Italian strawflower

Immortelle, also known as the infinity plant, has very special anti-inflammatory properties. Its active ingredients prevent inflammatory reactions in the skin and can even reduce existing inflammation.

The extract used in CALM ESSENCE promotes increased release of beta-endorphins. These endogenous "sedatives" reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol and thus counteract redness and itching. In addition, immortelle sustainably improves the skin's ability to retain moisture. This reduction in transepidermal water loss is brought about, among other things, by a strengthening of the uppermost horny layer.

The fine print: test results in detail

The values stated quote the results of manufacturer studies (in vivo and ex vitro) on the possible effects of the respective active ingredients after up to 28 days of use. We use the active ingredients in the highest concentration mentioned.

Azelaic acid:

In vivo protocol: 21 female subjects, between 30 and 50 years old, skin type III and IV (50/50). Comparison test versus placebo on randomized half of the face. Two daily applications. Performed by: Sinerga S.p.A.

6x better complexion correction - After 28 days measured with Mexameter, active formula contained 5% azelaic acid. Corresponds to approximately 55% reduction in visible redness according to visual assessment.

8-13% increased skin moisture - After 21 days measured with corneometer, active formula contained 3% azelaic acid. On the forehead, the skin hydration of the test subjects improved by an average of 13%, on the cheeks by 8%.

Mexican scented nettle

In vivo protocol: 45 subjects, 30 with psychological stress and 15 with rosacea-prone skin, between 19 and 62 years old. Active formula (2%) on one side of the face and placebo on the other. Two daily applications, for 28 days. Conducted by Provital S.A.

0.4°C reduced skin temperature - measured at the skin surface in stressed/rosacea-prone subjects.

10% Reduced Redness - For both stress-induced and rosacea-related skin redness.

30% reduced dilation of blood vessels - Measured with laser Doppler flow measurement of stressed/rosacea-prone subjects.

Italian strawflower:

In vivo protocol: 22 subjects with very dry skin. Comparison test versus placebo on randomized half of the face. Two daily applications. Performed by: Seppic

+47% long-term skin hydration - Measured with Corneometer CM825. Active formula contained 1% of the active ingredient.

Ex vivo protocol: Histomorphological analysis of 6 explants with skin barrier disruption caused by peeling of 40 adhesive tapes. Application 1 hour after peeling, every day for 5 days.

+77% thickness of the stratum corneum - Active formula contained 1% of the active ingredient.

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