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Ultra-mild, surfactant-free facial cleanser especially for sensitive, stressed skin. Foam-free formula with nourishing and skin-soothing active ingredients.

Can be reinforced with the separately available HYDRO FLEECE for a mild cleansing boost, for example to remove eye make-up.

Also available in the price-reduced refill bottle! Simply replace the existing dispenser pump and you're done!


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At a glance:


A suitably thorough facial cleansing is an important start to any skincare routine: in the morning, it removes sweat and residues of previously used skincare products. In the evening, it also removes sebum, dirt from the air, UV filters and make-up from the skin.

However, sensitive or lipid-deficient skin in particular must not be irritated or excessively degreased. The CALM CLEANSER was developed for these skin needs. Its particularly mild, foam-free formula is free from surfactants and is therefore also suitable for very sensitive skin.

In addition, two innovative plant-based active ingredients nourish the skin with every cleansing:

A cactus extract obtained by enzymatic extraction soothes the skin and sustainably increases its moisture content - even after the CALM CLEANSER has been washed off again. The immortelle plant extract prevents inflammatory reactions and can even reduce existing inflammation. This can reduce redness and itching.

The result: make-up, impurities and excess oil are thoroughly removed - without any feeling of tightness. By the way: With the separately available HYDRO FLEECE, the cleansing intensity can be gently intensified, for example to remove waterproof make-up.

Application & ingredients


Lather up 1-2 pumps of PORIFY CLEANSER with a little water in the palms of your hands and massage it briefly into your face and neck. No application time is required.

Then rinse it off again with lukewarm water.

AQUA (Purified Water; serves as a solvent), PENTYLENE GLYCOL (Pentylene glycol is a solvent with moisture-binding and antimicrobial properties), GLYCERIN (Glycerine is part of the skin's own moisturizing system; it is barrier-strengthening and elasticity-promoting), POLYGLYCERYL-4 CAPRATE (PEG-free Solution provider of vegetable origin), POLYGLYCERYL-6 CAPRYLATE (PEG-free Solution provider of vegetable origin), CETEARYL ALCOHOL (Cetearyl alcohol is a consistency-giving co-emulsifier on a vegetable basis; also softens the skin because it retains moisture), SODIUM CARBOMER (Carbomer is a synthetic gelling agent that enables particularly fine consistencies), POLYGLYCERYL-3 COCOATE (PEG-free Solution provider of vegetable origin), POLYGLYCERYL-6 RICINOLEATE (PEG-free Solution provider of vegetable origin), SODIUM CITRATE (the Sodium salt of citric acid serves to regulate the pH), SODIUM HYALURONATE (Hyaluronic acid stores many times its own volume of moisture, plumps up the skin and stimulates collagen formation), OPUNTIA FICUS-INDICA STEM EXTRACT (Prickly pear cactus has a moisturizing and skin-smoothing effect), ALLANTOIN (Allantoin promotes wound healing, has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin), CITRIC ACID (Citric acid is used to regulate the pH value and has no exfoliating or irritating effect), HELICHRYSUM ITALICUM EXTRACT (hydrolysate of the Immortelle plant(soothing and anti-inflammatory)

Julie Löffler-Kirstein
Firmly integrated into my skincare routine for my vein-prone skin. Since then, I no longer have dry, tight skin after cleansing. It sounds quite expensive for a cleansing product...
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3 weeks ago

Pleasant to use, leaves the skin feeling clean and cared for without drying it out.

1 month ago
Dana K.

Also a great calming product, I buy again and again.

3 months ago

My favorite cleanser! Cleans thoroughly and very gently.

4 months ago
Julia Tomaszewski-Schenk
I have been using CALM CLEANSER in the evening for more than three months now. It is particularly gentle, not aggressive to the skin and still effective. A small amount is absolutely sufficient. It can be...
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5 months ago

Very fine, smooth foam that does not dry out.

6 months ago
Dana K.

Great solid cleanser, even for very sensitive skin

10 months ago
Britta M.

Cleanses the face completely and yet remains mild to the skin.Even the eyes I clean with it - it does not burn at all 👏🏻

12 months ago
Natasha H.

The best cleanser I know and a small amount is enough, even when using makeup.

12 months ago
Elisa H.

Very pleasant, cleans thoroughly (even make up), but does not dry out my skin.

1 year ago

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Every skin benefits from gentle cleansing

If you are interested in the CALM CLEANSER Missing the "squeaky clean" feeling after cleansing: This is usually a sign that your skin has been washed out of too many lipids from its protective barrier.

Never wash your face in the shower?

The reason for this is simple: the temperature of the shower water is (for most) far too hot for the face – so the mildest cleanser dries out the skin.

"The CALM CLEANSER is our mildest cleanser to date. It cleanses entirely without surfactants, and the cactus and immortelle extracts used soothe the skin and protect it from moisture loss.

By combining it with the HYDRO FLEECE, everyone can adjust the cleansing performance according to their needs, for example if they don't wear makeup every day. Quasi a customized facial cleansing."

- Thorsten Abeln, founder of HighDroxy -



Cactus extract. Because it moisturizes the skin sustainably - even in a cleanser.

This cactus extract, obtained with the help of enzymes, has impressive care properties: it soothes the skin and sustainably increases its moisture content by up to 20% ─ even after the CALM CLEANSER has been washed off again.

The additionally contained flavonoids and polysaccharides effectively protect the skin from external stress factors, among other things because they block stress markers in the nerve cells of the skin. The skin is soothed acutely and sustainably, redness and itching are reduced.

Hydrodistillate of the immortelle plant. Because it prevents inflammation and soothes.

The infinity plant - as the immortelle is also called - has very special properties: Its active ingredients prevent inflammatory reactions and can even reduce existing inflammation. The extract used promotes an increased release of beta-endorphins. These endogenous "tranquilizers" reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol and thus counteract redness and itching.

In CALM CLEANSER is used an extract obtained by vacuum hydrodistillation at low temperatures. This technique allows to extract and preserve the delicate aromatics of the plant.

Highdroxy Calm Cleanser wrapped in the hydro fleece

The Hydro Fleece. Because it enhances the cleaning power of the Cleanser as needed.

The CALM CLEANSER is particularly mild, because it uses a very gentle surfactant and nourishes and moisturizes the skin with numerous active ingredients.

Those who prefer a stronger cleaning effect, for example to remove make-up completely, simply use the CALM CLEANSER together with the HYDRO FLEECE. This high-tech cloth with a particularly good grip enhances the cleansing effect of the cleanser without being aggressive or impairing its caring properties. The HYDRO FLEECE measures 23 x 23 cm and is available separately in our store.


When in doubt, prefer gentle

Did you know that all skin should be gently cleansed? Even impure, oily or combination skin is extremely sensitive and deserves a cleanser that respects the skin barrier.

Aggressive cleansers that foam heavily or contain drying alcohols weaken your skin barrier and often leave your skin feeling tight after cleansing. 

Works even without foam!

Have you used (strong) foaming cleansers so far? Then you may need to get used to CALM CLEANSER first - because it doesn't dry out your skin.

Degreased skin may feel completely "liberated" after cleansing, but you are actually doing immense damage to your skin and destroying your skin's protective barrier in the long term. 

Please also in the morning

Does your skin not need a cleanser in the morning? This is often a misconception: in the morning, even dry skin contains salts from night sweats or simply residues from the previous evening's skincare routine.

We therefore recommend using a mild cleanser in the morning too. The CALM CLEANSER is ideal for this.

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