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Concentrated serum with vitamin C and other antioxidants.

For the targeted treatment and prevention of discoloration, stains and redness. Mild, skin-friendly formula with stabilized, pH-neutral vitamin C. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Same formula, new name: DEEP C is now called BRIGHT! C+ BOOSTER!


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1.350,00  - 5.190,00  / 100 ml

At a glance:


A troubled skin appearance with pigment spots and discolorations can have a more negative impact on the visual appearance than wrinkles and lines. The causes of this hyperpigmentation and redness are primarily micro-inflammation and skin stress at the cellular level, caused by oxidative processes. Both can lead to pigment accumulation in the skin as well as visible irritation.

Antioxidants (AOX) are essential in an active-based skincare routine for this reason, as they protect the skin from these cell-damaging processes and micro-inflammation.

Vitamin C is the best-known antioxidant, but in its pure form (as ascorbic acid) it is often not suitable for sensitive skins.

DEEP C relies on a particularly skin-friendly form of vitamin C in the optimum dosage of 5% and supplements this with other proven antioxidants such as resveratrol and ferulic acid.

Together with anti-inflammatory licorice and soothing Szechuan pepper extract, the BRIGHT C+ BOOSTER counteracts spots and discoloration with regular use and gradually fades existing hyperpigmentation. The mild formula is suitable for all skin types.

Please note the slightly stronger inherent odor of this formula, which is perceived differently from nose to nose. Experience has shown that this disappears quickly after application.

Application & ingredients


The BRIGHT! C+ BOOSTER is preferably used in the morning after cleansing and preparing the face (toner) like a serum.

For preparation we recommend the BRIGHT! LIQUID. The skin may still be a little damp so that the booster can be spread even better.
Thanks to the pH skin-friendly formula, the BRIGHT! C+ BOOSTER can be easily combined with other skincare products despite its vitamin C content, as long as they are pH skin-neutral.

We advise you to use a sunscreen daily to prevent new discolorations.

AQUA (purified Water), CAPRYLYL CAPRYLATE/CAPRATE (Lipid of plant origin, helps to strengthen the skin barrier), PROPYLENE GLYCOL (Propylene glycol is a polyhydric alcohol that has a nourishing and moisturizing effect and belongs to the 'good alcohols'), GLYCERIN (Glycerine is part of the skin's own moisturizing system; it is barrier-strengthening and promotes elasticity), PROPANEDIOL (also a nourishing alcohol), CARICA PAPAYA SEED OIL (Papaya oilrich in anti-inflammatory oleic acids), ASCORBYL 2-GLUCOSIDE (stable form of Vitamin Cwhich is bound to glycerol molecules and is metabolized more gradually in the skin than other vitamin C derivatives), FERULIC ACID (Ferulic acid is also a powerful antioxidant with skin-toning properties), METHYL PROPANEDIOL (organic Glycolwhich acts as a solvent and moisturizer), CAPRYLYL GLYCOL (Natural cosmetic preservativewhich additionally moisturizes the skin), PHENYL PROPANOL (Synthetic preservative with antimicrobial properties), GLYCERYL STEARATE CITRATE (Mild vegetable emulsifierwhich is obtained from various vegetable oils and citric acid), RESVERATROL (strong Antioxidant of vegetable origin), SR-SPIDER POLYPEPTIDE-1 (vegan Silk proteinsprotect the skin with the help of a breathable film), GLYCERYL STEARATE (Glyceryl stearate is a plant-based emulsifier that leaves the skin feeling light and soft), LECITHIN (Lecithin is a mild, lipid-replenishing emulsifier; has a skin-smoothing and moisturizing effect), GLYCINE SOJA STEROLS (Emollient of vegetable origin), TOCOPHEROL (Vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect as it binds free radicals and slows down oxidation processes), TOCOPHERYL ACETATE (The Derivative of vitamin E is an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, so it protects the skin from harmful influences), BENTONITE (absorbent Clay mineral to reduce shine), DIKALIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE (anti-irritant Extract from the roots of licorice), HYDROLYZED GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS (Glycosaminoglycans serve as a penetration enhancer for active ingredients and bind moisture to a high degree), ZANTHOXYLUM ALATUM FRUIT EXTRACT (skin-soothing and itch-relieving Extract from the Szechuan pepper), HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL (Sunflower oil is a light skin care oil and active ingredient carrier), SCLEROTIUM GUM (sugar-based skin care thickener), SODIUM GLUCONATE (sodium salt of gluconic acid, used to stabilize cosmetic formulations), POTASSIUM SORBATE (Potassium sorbate is a very well-tolerated preservative and is considered harmless), MAGNOLIA OFFICINALIS BARK EXTRACT (Magnolia extracthas anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties and thus slows down skin aging), OLIVE OIL DECYL ESTERS (vegetable lipid with caring properties), POLYGLUTAMIC ACID (Polyglutamic acid is a film-forming agent with moisturizing properties obtained by fermentation of bacteria), HYDRATED SILICA (Silicic acidhas oil-binding and gloss-reducing properties), LACTIC ACID (Lactic acid is a very mild fruit acid that moisturizes and regulates the pH value), SQUALANE (Squalane is a vegetable oil; it has a moisturizing effect, makes the skin feel silky and improves the absorption properties of the preparation), CHLORELLA VULGARIS EXTRACT (nutrient-rich Algae extract), CITRIC ACID (Citric acid, is used here to regulate the pH value), SEA SALT (Sodium saltbinds moisture), OLEYL ALCOHOL (good, as moisturizing Alcohol), BEHENYL ALCOHOL (Good, as moisturizing Alcohol)

Julie Löffler-Kirstein
A fixed part of my morning skincare routine for months. My skin glows. If you are looking for an effective natural product, you've come to the right place. That's the beauty here, if you want a radiant ...
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3 weeks ago
Very pleasant to apply and smell (I personally didn't get on so well with the previous version). Yes, the booster smells a bit like cinnamon, but that doesn't bother me at all. Important are the...
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1 month ago
Tatjana S.

Very pleasant and well-tolerated AOX cocktail for me!

2 months ago

Does not stick, very well tolerated. The smell takes some getting used to. I find it better than other vitamin C serums. But it's a matter of taste. Tip: Order a sample first

2 months ago
Dana K.

The only vitamin C serum that I tolerate very well despite neurodermatitis. I use it every day.
Great product.

3 months ago

significantly calmer skin appearance - gladly in combination with the Defence sunscreen and in daily use

4 months ago
Joanna H.

A favorite! Keeps my menopausal couperose in check.

6 months ago
Dana K.

The first vitamin C booster that I can tolerate, I am so happy

6 months ago

I have the feeling my red veins become less visible :)

8 months ago

The smell takes some getting used to, but the serum is very gentle and improves the skin for me

8 months ago

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The perfect complement to the BRIGHT! C+ BOOSTER is the BRIGHT! LIQUID. This complexion-balancing toner liquid combines the advanced tranexamic acid with other brightening active ingredients.

Tranexamic acid has been tried and tested in clinical dermatology for a long time. This is because it lightens a wide variety of types of pigment spots - and does so as effectively as the active medical ingredient hydroquinone. 

In the liquid, it is supplemented with niacinamide and licorice, as well as special whitening peptides from pea and quinoa.

To the Bright! LIQUID


Orange slices arrangement

Vitamin C Retard (5%): The active classic. Only better.

Vitamin C has been considered the gold standard in the dermatological treatment of hyperpigmentation for decades. This is because it has been scientifically proven that vitamin C inhibits the production of the skin pigment melanin and can thus attenuate acquired (i.e. not congenital) hyperpigmentation. But classic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is not very skin-friendly and is also quite unstable. The BRIGHT! C+ BOOSTER therefore uses one of the most modern forms of vitamin C, which is significantly more stable and is released into the skin with a time delay (retard effect). This makes the vitamin C in BRIGHT! C+ BOOSTER more effective and gentle than conventional ascorbic acid.

Ferulic acid: the perfect partner for vitamin C

Ferulic acid is also a powerful antioxidant that occurs, for example, in the cell walls of oats, rice or apples, but is produced synthetically for cosmetic purposes and is thus particularly pure.

Studies show that ferulic acid optimally supports and enhances the effect of vitamin C - among other things, by helping the vitamin C to penetrate deeper into the skin. In addition, ferulic acid can inhibit the formation of new blood vessels under the skin and thus reduce redness...

Dill plant close up
Red grapes on the vine with sunlight in the background

Resveratrol: The fountain of youth from the red grape

Resveratrol is also often referred to as the "youth molecule" - for good reason: It is one of the most powerful antioxidants and thus counteracts the processes responsible for skin aging at the cellular level. Additionally, it can help combat redness due to its anti-inflammatory mode of action. BRIGHT! C+ BOOSTER uses 1% highly pure resveratrol - that's about 10x more than in many products that advertise this active ingredient.

Flower from licorice bush

Licorice extract: clarifying and soothing

Licorice extract and glycyrrhetinic acid contained in it combines anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. In addition, it inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which is involved in the formation of melanin in the skin. Thus, glycyrrhetinic acid is also able to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Szechuan pepper berries on the bush

Szechuan pepper: Anything but hot to the skin

Szechuan pepper as a cosmetic ingredient is anything but spicy to the skin. On the contrary, it soothes the skin and helps to reduce itching. In addition, it has relaxing properties, which means it can help soothe minor expression lines.


Combine brightening active ingredients

The BRIGHT! LIQUID can be wonderfully combined with other complexion-balancing active ingredients. For example, the C+ BOOSTER from the same range, or mild exfoliating products such as CALM SENSIPEEL.

Exfoliation accelerates the removal of excess skin pigments.

Use UV protection consistently

UV radiation stresses your skin not only in summer, but all year round. And your skin reacts to this stress by forming pigment cells.

It is therefore particularly important for the treatment of pigmentation spots to use a daily care product with UV protection - for example our DAY LIGHT 30.

Please be patient

Pigment spots do not appear overnight - and therefore do not fade within a few days.

The reduction of melanin deposits in your skin is a gradual process. However, with consistent use of skin-lightening active ingredients, you will see results.

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