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Do you know the phenomenon that your face shines again shortly after cleansing and the pores are clearly visible? This is due to the fact that your oily skin diligently produces its own lipids. The pores of oily skin are larger and clearly visible. Oily skin needs one thing above all: moisture, little oil and active ingredients that reduce lipid production.

With our products you get skin shine and large pores under control!

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Our best sellers for skin shine & large pores:


Mild foaming cleansing gel. Cleanses thoroughly without drying the skin.

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Mild toner lotion with 2% salicylic acid, clarifies pores and reduces skin shine.

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Oil-free care gel with 5% niacinamide, soothes and regulates sebum production.

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Lightweight skin care balm that reduces redness and troubled skin.

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All products for oily skin Individual product advice
All products for oily skin Individual product advice

My experience with High Droxy products is exclusively very good. My skin condition has improved by 80 percent in the last few years. My skin is no longer oily and the pimples on my forehead have disappeared.

Heike R. - via product review in the store

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Oily skin and large pores: causes and proper care

Large pores are not a drama, of course, but they are a visual problem for most people. And so the question on which science and marketing part company is:

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