Skin care should not stress anyone: SLOW SKINCARE

The term "Slow Skincare" stands for our idea of a more conscious and careful approach to skin care. This idea involves both us as developers and manufacturers, but of course also you - because you are the owner and resident of your skin.

We dedicate five guiding principles to this idea of decelerated skin care, which we firmly believe in and act upon:

1. Beautiful skin needs patience

And we do: We are very precise when it comes to development and quality. By the way, this does not only cost time, but also nerves. Because until we can proudly present you a new care product, several versions of it have been discarded. Nevertheless, we do not allow ourselves to be upset - the same schedule applies to every product: It's ready when it's ready.

Patience is also necessary on your part - because in order to achieve the best results, the skin should be given time to get used to a new product. Too fast and frequent changes overtax your skin and make intolerances more difficult to understand. Please give your skin time and rest - it will do its best for you around the clock.


2. Less is more

We produce in small batches and in Germany. In this way we avoid long storage times as well as long transport routes. Almost all of our packaging is manufactured in Europe - an important factor for the sustainability of our production. This guiding principle also applies to the reduced scope of our repertoire: Thanks to their efficient formulation, HighDroxy products can be combined with each other and thus cover a broad spectrum of activity. By the way: Because our product kit covers every skin need, all HighDroxy products are unisex.

Please use our products sparingly: they are concentrated and highly productive due to the absence of fillers.


3. No one knows your skin better than you do

Conscious skin care always begins before the purchase: That's why we attach great importance to consultation and are happy to be there for you on various channels. Whoever makes use of our skin consultation knows: We really take our time for you and your skin. Because we know that most skin problems are caused by wrong care.

Before you "try it out" and throw away unsuitable products or send them back to us, it is better to find out together with us what care your skin needs. Our popular test sizes also help. For the sake of your skin and your wallet, but also to conserve the resources of our environment.


4. Good skin care is always transparent.

They should know exactly what is contained in our products - and what is not. This is why there is the HighDroxy Purity Law. It ensures that all HighDroxy products are free of unnecessary or potentially skin irritating substances such as alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, perfume and silicone.

In addition, we name and explain all ingredients (INCIs) for each HighDroxy product - so you can get an exact picture of the composition at your leisure, for example if you want to do without certain ingredients or react allergic. Please take your time - our product information is really helpful and informative. And if you are unsure which products or active ingredients can be combined with each other - please do not hesitate to contact us.


5. Trust is the best active ingredient

We are only satisfied when we have found the right care for you. That's why we do everything we can to make you feel at home with us. And we do without fast trends and fast sales, but take time for you and your skin needs.

Last but not least, it is you who can check what you see and feel. Has your skin condition improved, do you feel well and well cared for? Don't worry, you'll find out - trust your own judgment. Google and Co. don't know your skin. Give yourself and your skin a little time and give us some feedback! We are interested in how you tolerate our products and look forward to a dialogue with you - you can always reach us personally, no matter how.