Oily skin with hyperpigmentations

white hexagon with green drop oily skin
green hexagon with white spots hyperpigmentations

Your care and product recommendations:


The cause of hyperpigmentation and oily skin:

  • Triggers for hyperpigmentation are e.g. sun exposure, cosmetic substances or medication.
  • Of course, there are also congenital hyperpigmentations.
  • Substances such as niacinamide and fruit acid usually achieve very good results in hyperpigmentation.
  • The regulation of lipid production is important in oily skin, where niacinamide and fruit acid are also excellent for combating impurities and blocked pores.
  • The disturbed skin barrier in oily skin often results in a lack of moisture (TEWL = transepidermal water loss).
  • Rebuild your skin's protective mantle so that the skin can store moisture evenly again.
  • Exfoliate your skin so that the upper skin layer is freed of dead skin flakes.
  • Protect yourself from new pigmentation spots.
  • The skin's own exfoliation no longer functions optimally, so that dead skin flakes accumulate on the skin surface, making the skin surface thicker and thicker.
  • Care products are not optimally absorbed.
  • The skin is less well supplied with blood, contains less moisture and is no longer able to absorb care substances well.
  • The skin has its own protective layer which protects it from external influences.
  • This protective coating also supplies the skin with lipids produced by the skin itself, keeps it elastic and ensures, for example, that moisture is retained in the skin and not excessively released. One also speaks of the skin lipid barrier.
  • With many skin problems, it is precisely this skin-lipid barrier that is disturbed and gets out of balance. This manifests itself in various symptoms.
  • The skin shines oily, usually you have to remove the shine several times a day (e.g. with a tissue).
  • The skin surface appears coarse and blotchy.
  • Impurities can occur.


Care recommendation for the morning:
  1. Clean your skin with a mild cleanser that does not foam and contains no dehydrating alcohol, otherwise your skin produces more and more fat. The CALM CLEANSER is ultra-mild and provides your skin with moisture.
  2. Then use the PORIFY SOLUTION against hyperpigmentation, blocked pores and inflammation. PORIFY regulates sebum production.
  3. HYDRO SPRAY has a balancing and calming effect and reduces hyperpigmentation.
  4. The anti-inflammatory B CALM BALM combines an oil-reduced formula with intensive care.
  5. If you would like to use sun protection, you can also apply DAYLIGHT 30 as an alternative to the Balm. This light day cream with antioxidants and SPF 30 protects against impurities and pigment spots.
Care recommendation for the evening:
  1. Evening facial cleansing is of great importance. The skin is freed from grease, dirt and make-up of the day and can absorb further care products well. Use the CALM CLEANSER and, if necessary, the HYDRO FLEECE for intensive cleaning.
  2. The FACE SERUM plays an important role. The mild fruit acid peeling uses mandelic acid and niacinamide, which work against hyperpigmentation and impurities and the skin. If your skin is not used to fruit acids, use the FACE SERUM only 1-2 times a week. You can also mix the FACE SERUM with your moisturizer first. Please note that the use of the FACE SERUM in the sunny summer months is only recommended to a limited extent. Always use sun protection when using fruit acids.
  3. After a few minutes you can apply the HYDRO SPRAY and if necessary the B CALM BALM.
  4. If you also want nourishing, soothing eye care, use EYE LOVE with high-quality oils. As a cream mask applied overnight or thinly during the day, it also reduces eye shadows.
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Cleaning reinforcing fleece cloth for use with CALM CLEANSER

39,00 35,10 

Acid-free toner lotion for refining the pores and clarifying the skin texture


Balancing care spray for intensive moisture and soothing of the skin

49,00 44,10 

Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster

66,00 56,10 

Gentle fruit acid peeling for low-irritant renewal of the skin texture

39,00 35,10 

Rich, soothing cream mask for intensive care of the eye area