Oily skin with wrinkles and loss of volume

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Your care and product recommendations:


Oily skin has the advantage that wrinkles appear quite late - the skin is supplied disproportionately with skin's own lipids.

    • However, if the skin produces too much fat, this usually leads to clogged, enlarged pores and impurities.
    • The skin balance becomes unbalanced and the skin loses too much moisture (transepidermal water loss).
    • If you moisturize your skin, it should also remain in the skin so that the skin becomes firmer.
    • Bring your skin barrier into balance and regulate the skin's own lipid production.
    • At the same time, you should also combat impurities.
    • Support the skin's own exfoliation.
  • The skin's own exfoliation no longer functions optimally, so that dead skin flakes accumulate on the skin surface.
  • There's impurities.
  • The skin is less well supplied with blood, contains less moisture and is no longer able to absorb care substances well.
  • The skin has its own protective layer which protects it from external influences.
  • This protective coating also supplies the skin with lipids produced by the skin itself, keeps it elastic and ensures, for example, that moisture is retained in the skin and not excessively released. One also speaks of the skin lipid barrier.
  • With many skin problems, it is precisely this skin-lipid barrier that is disturbed and gets out of balance. This manifests itself in various symptoms.
  • The skin shines oily, usually you have to remove the shine several times a day (e.g. with a tissue).
  • A loss of volume is noticeable under the gloss, the elasticity is missing.
  • Impurities usually appear.


Care recommendation for the morning:
  1. Clean your skin twice a day - but - avoid aggressive cleansers with alcohol, fragrances and surfactants (foaming substances). The less your cleaning product foams, the better. Aggressive cleansers dry out the skin and destroy the already damaged skin protective layer. Use the extra-mild CALM CLEANSER, a cream gel that provides moisture.
  2. The PORIFY SOLUTION reliably regulates the production of skin fat and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. The skin-soothing and antibacterial HYDRO SPRAY moisturizes your skin, contains green tea extract, niacinamide, aloe vera and panthenol.
  4. The light serum fluid IN:FUSE has a repairing and strengthening effect on your skin barrier. IN:FUSE reduces wrinkles and increases the density, elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  5. If you want to use sun protection, use the light daily fluid DAYLIGHT 30 with antibacterial magnolia extract and LSF30.
Care recommendation for the evening:
  1. Never go to bed without cleaning your face - use the mild CALM CLEANSER. For intensive cleaning, add the soft HYDRO FLEECE.
  2. The FACE SERUM is a mild fruit acid peeling that is extremely effective. It contains mandelic acid and niacinamide and promotes the undisturbed drainage of the produced skin lipids. The FACE SERUM helps against impurities and provides the skin with valuable care substances. If your skin is not used to fruit acids, use the FACE SERUM only 1-2 times a week. You can also mix the FACE SERUM with your moisturizer first. Please note that the use of the FACE SERUM is not recommended during the sunny summer months. Always apply sunscreen when using fruit acids.
  3. After a few minutes you can apply HYDRO SPRAY and then IN:FUSE.
  4. If you want eye care, use EYE LOVE as a nourishing mask overnight or thinly applied during the day. Eye shadows are effectively softened.
39,00 35,10 

Acid-free toner lotion for refining the pores and clarifying the skin texture


Balancing care spray for intensive moisture and soothing of the skin

49,00 44,10 

Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster

69,00 58,60 

Anti-aging serum with immediate smoothing effect. For all skin types.

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Gentle fruit acid peeling for low-irritant renewal of the skin texture

39,00 35,10 

Rich, soothing cream mask for intensive care of the eye area