white hexagon with green drop oily skin


Step 2: Your current skin condition

Your skin is rather oily - we will take this into account in our care recommendations for you. In addition to the increased sebum content, oily skin can have further requirements that should be covered by a precisely fitting care routine. In which of these descriptions do you most likely find your current skin appearance? You can later switch to a different skin condition to refine your care recommendations.

green hexagon with white feather sensitive skin

Sensitivity & Redness

Sensitivity & redness can also occur with oily skin.

  • Mostly the skin under the oily layer is very sensitive and reacts to cold, heat and dry air - unfortunately mostly with even more oil production.
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green hexagon with white circles large pores


Unfortunately, the oily skin type is very often affected by impurities.

  • Excessively produced oil can quickly lead to clogged pores and thus to pimples.
  • If the oily skin is also incorrectly cared for, it becomes sensitive and the skin balance weakened.
  • Bacteria can easily penetrate, which in turn leads to impurities.
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green hexagon with concealed white sun pale skin

Tired, pale looking skin

  • If the oily skin looks tired and pale, it lacks the so-called "glow" and good blood circulation.
  • Usually the uppermost layer of the skin is irregularly horny, i.e. the skin's own renewal does not function properly and the skin cannot absorb the active ingredients of a cream well, for example.
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green hexagon with white lines skin aging

wrinkles, sagging contours

The natural aging process as well as lifestyle and genes cause the skin to lose its elasticity and the first wrinkles appear.

  • With oily skin, wrinkles usually appear quite late, but loss of elasticity can lead to visibly sagging contours.
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green hexagon with white spots hyperpigmentations

hyperpigmentations, stains

Unfortunately, no skin type is immune to hyperpigmentation or pigment spots - not even oily skin.

  • Usually the trigger for this irregular skin colouring is UV radiation.
  • These pigment spots often occur in places that are or have been exposed to the sun.
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