Product consulting | NORMAL SKIN

Step 2: Your current skin condition

You have normal skin - we adjust our care recommendations for you accordingly. Even normal skin can have specific care needs that should be considered. In which of the following descriptions do you most likely find your current skin appearance? You can later switch to a different skin condition to refine your care recommendations.

green hexagon with concealed white sun pale skin

Tired, pale looking skin

Even normal skin that is neither particularly dry nor oily can look tired and pale when natural skin renewal (exfoliation) comes to a standstill.

  • Dead corneal flakes remain on the surface longer than necessary
  • These corneal flakes scatter the incident light irregularly and leave the skin surface matt and dull.
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green hexagon with white lines skin aging

wrinkles, sagging contours

Of course, normal skin is not immune to wrinkles and sagging facial contours.

  • Not superficial dryness wrinkles, but skin aging in the deeper skin layers are decisive
  • Age-related collagen production diminishes and facial expression wrinkles develop
  • The lateral face-parts (cheeks, eye-part) begin to slacken or to work something "creased".
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green hexagon with white spots hyperpigmentations

hyperpigmentations, stains

Like any skin type, normal skin can also be affected by pigmentation spots or hyperpigmentation.

  • The triggers for this irregular skin colouring are manifold
  • The most common reason is UV radiation, which is why pigment spots mostly appear in exposed places, i.e. places that are also exposed to the sun.
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