combination skin with irregular complexion & pigmentation spots

white-hexagon-with-green-white-drop-combination skin
green hexagon with white spots hyperpigmentations

Your care and product recommendations:


  • Exposure to the sun, cosmetic substances or medicines can trigger hyperpigmentation.
  • There are also congenital hyperpigmentations, e.g. the milky coffee brown 'Café-au-lait-Fleck'.
  • The use of fruit acid and niacin amides can achieve very good results, especially with combination skin.
  • Dry areas (mostly the cheek area) need moisture and lipids.
  • The greasy, impure areas need moisture and sebum-regulating active ingredients that combat impurities.
  • Protect yourself from new pigmentations.
  • Bring skin balance into balance.
  • Help the skin's own exfoliation to take off.
  • If the skin's own exfoliation, i.e. the renewal of the skin, is disturbed, dead skin flakes accumulate on the skin surface and the skin surface becomes thicker and thicker.
  • The surface of the skin becomes uneven and sunlight causes slight pigmentation spots.
  • Care products are not optimally absorbed.
  • The skin is less well supplied with blood and contains less moisture.
  • In addition, the skin-lipid barrier of combination skin is out of balance: The skin produces too much skin fat in certain areas and too little in other areas.
  • The skin has its own protective layer which protects it from external influences.
  • This protective coating also supplies the skin with lipids produced by the skin itself, keeps it elastic and ensures, for example, that moisture is retained in the skin and not excessively released. One also speaks of the skin lipid barrier.
  • With many skin problems, it is precisely this skin-lipid barrier that is disturbed and gets out of balance. This manifests itself in various symptoms.
  • The skin usually shines oily in the T-zone, but on the cheeks it is rather dry.
  • The greasy areas are often affected by impurities and/or enlarged pores.
  • The skin surface appears coarse and blotchy.


Care recommendation for the morning:
  1. Always use a very mild, preferably non-foaming cleanser such as CALM CLEANSER, which preserves the skin lipid barrier and provides moisture.
  2. After cleansing, apply PORIFY SOLUTION to the oily, blemished areas of your skin and hyperpigmented areas. Please avoid dry skin areas at all costs.
  3. As a further step, please use the moisturizing HYDRO SPRAY, which regulates the skin tone. It can be sprayed over the entire face and is effective against superficial pigmentation.
  4. The anti-inflammatory and oil-reduced B CALM BALM soothes the skin, the niacinamide contained acts against hyperpigmentation. Apply the B CALM BALM to the entire face.
  5. Alternatively, you can apply DAY LIGHT 30, a light, moisturising daily fluid that has an antioxidant and antibacterial effect. LSF 30 protects against new pigmentations.
Care recommendation for the evening:
  1. Use the CALM CLEANSER, if necessary together with the cleaning intensive HYDRO FLEECE.
  2. The FACE SERUM gently but effectively exfoliates the upper skin layers and helps the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. This process has an extremely beneficial effect on impurities and hyperpigmentations. If your skin is not used to fruit acids, use the FACE SERUM only 1-2 times a week and observe the reaction of your skin. Test the FACE SERUM in your crook of your arm for compatibility. Please do not use the FACE SERUM during the sunny summer months. Use the PORIFY SOLUTION and the HYDRO SPRAY instead. When using fruit acids, please ensure sufficient sun protection.
  3. As an alternative and/or supplement to the FACE SERUM, you can spray on the HYDRO SPRAY.
  4. You can apply the B CALM BALM well in the evening.
  5. If you want to care for your eye area, we recommend the nourishing eye care EYE LOVE. As a rich cream mask applied thinly overnight or during the day, it has a relaxing, decongestant effect and reduces shadows under the eyes.

Cleaning reinforcing fleece cloth for use with CALM CLEANSER


Balancing care spray for intensive moisture and soothing of the skin


Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster


Gentle fruit acid peeling for low-irritant renewal of the skin texture


Rich, soothing cream mask for intensive care of the eye area