Sensitive combination skin with a tendency to redness

white-hexagon-with-green-white-drop-combination skin
green hexagon with white feather sensitive skin

Your care and product recommendations:


Combination skin requires careful treatment because this type of skin has two faces: oily on the one hand and dry on the other.

  • Care for the oily, impure part of your facial skin (usually the T-zone) with products that regulate sebum production.
  • Clean clogged pores, reduce and prevent inflammation and new impurities
  • Moisturize your skin, use light care with low lipid content that soothes the skin.
  • Always clean your skin mildly without fragrances, preservatives
  • Both dry and greasy areas of your face sensitive and reddened
  • The fault is often a wrong care: too aggressive cleaners with skin-irritating alcohols or essential oils intensify the problem.
  • Dry areas become more and more sensitive, while greasy areas produce more lipids.
  • The skin has its own protective layer which protects it from external influences.
  • This protective coating also supplies the skin with lipids produced by the skin itself, keeps it elastic and ensures, for example, that moisture is retained in the skin and not excessively released. One also speaks of the skin lipid barrier.
  • With normal skin, the skin barrier is balanced, with sensitive combination skin, too much is produced on the one hand, and too little main lipid on the other, so that the typical consequences occur.
  • Fatty in the T-ZONE, dry on the cheeks is the typical appearance.
  • In addition, redness and dry, rough areas can occur.


Care recommendation for the morning
  1. To clean your combination skin, use the mildly creamy CALM CLEANSER, which respects the skin lipid barrier and provides moisture.
  2. The HYDRO SPRAY is then suitable for both dry and greasy areas. It soothes the skin, helps it to store moisture, regulates the skin fat production in oily skin and helps to build up collagen. Redness is compensated.
  3. IN:FUSE is a light, fluid-like care serum, suitable for both dry and greasy areas. It strengthens and repairs the skin barrier, reduces wrinkles and melts with the skin surface. IN:FUSE reduces transepidermal water loss.
  4. The anti-inflammatory B CALM BALM helps against redness and irritation. Use the B CALM BALM instead of the IN:FUSE or apply it quickly after IN:FUSE.
  5. For sun protection, use DAYLIGHT 30 light, moisturising daily fluid with antioxidants and SPF 30 instead of B CALM BALMS.
  6. D-FENCE 50 is suitable for people who want a high SPF (LSF 50). It is a light care oil with high-dose DEFENSIL® complex against inflammation, redness and with antioxidants. The UV protection (LSF) is 50, the UV-A protection corresponds to a factor of 32. It can be used very well in combination with INFUSE and B CALM BALM
Care recommendation for the evening
  1. Clean your skin with the CALM CLEANSER.
  2. Only use the PORIFY SOLUTION for the greasy areas, or only selectively. Then spray on the HYDRO SPRAY.
  3. IN:FUSE and/or B CALM BALM can be used as in the morning.
  4. If you want to care for your eye area, we recommend the extra rich eye mask EYE LOVE. It works optimally as a mask overnight, or applied thinly during the day. EYE LOVE relaxes, soothes and counteracts shadows under the eyes

Balancing care spray for intensive moisture and soothing of the skin


Liquid UV protection with antioxidants and ultra-light oils


Light day fluid with SPF 30, antioxidants and a vitamin D booster


Anti-aging serum with immediate smoothing effect. For all skin types.


Rich, soothing cream mask for intensive care of the eye area