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Step 2: Your current skin condition

You have combination skin - we adapt our care recommendations for you to this skin type. Combination skin combines conflicting properties and is particularly demanding in terms of care. Special care requirements are usually added. In which of the following descriptions do you most likely find your current skin appearance? You can later switch to a different skin condition to refine your care recommendations.

green hexagon with white feather sensitive skin

Sensitivity & Redness

  • Both the dry and the greasy parts of the combination skin can be sensitive and show redness.
  • Incorrect or too aggressive products lead to dry, itchy spots, tension or redness.
  • The skin becomes sensitive to external influences such as cold, heat or touch.
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green hexagon with white circles large pores


  • Unfortunately, impurities often occur in combination skin.
  • Oily spots often clog the pores, causing blackheads and pimples.
  • Dry areas can have a disturbed skin barrier, so that impurities can also develop here through the penetration of e.g. bacteria.
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green hexagon with concealed white sun pale skin

Tired, pale looking skin

  • Tired and pale skin lacks moisture and tension, but also the shine - or glow - is no longer present.
  • The skin appears pale because the skin surface is irregularly horny, so that light reflexes are not properly reflected.
  • Skin with an irregular horny layer can often not absorb active ingredients as well.
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green hexagon with white lines skin aging

wrinkles, sagging contours

  • Skin with wrinkles and sagging contours lack support.
  • The natural aging process leads to the gradual degradation of collagen, which occurs more or less rapidly depending on lifestyle and genes.
  • The first wrinkles can be easily removed by moisturising and exfoliating the skin surface.
  • This allows the skin to absorb active ingredients better.
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green hexagon with white spots hyperpigmentations

hyperpigmentations, stains

  • Every skin type can get pigmentation spots or hyperpigmentations - including combination skin.
  • Usually the trigger for this irregular skin colouring is UV radiation.
  • Pigment spots often appear in places that are or have been exposed to the sun.
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