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In order to care for your skin effectively and with little irritation, it is important that you correctly assess the appearance of your skin and your personal care requirements. Here we help you gladly!

Our Express Check is ideal for a first orientation. Based on just two questions, we narrow down your skin appearance and offer you helpful care tips as well as your personal care recommendation.

Beyond that we are also personally there for you. We determine your skin condition via e-mail or telephone and advise you individually.


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Personal advice

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In the following we determine two things: 1) Your skin type and 2) your current predominant skin condition.
Please take the time to read through all the answer options and explanations at your leisure - they are only two questions. Choose the answer option that best suits you. Let's get started: 

1st question: How would you most likely describe your skin type?


A. I have dry skin

  • Dry skin lacks skin fat (sebum) - this makes the skin's own lipid film brittle and no longer provides sufficient protection against moisture loss.
  • Signs of dry skin are above all itching and/or a feeling of tension, it often feels rough and tends to redness.
  • Enlarged pores do not show
  • Impurities, on the other hand, can also occur with dry skin: The fragile skin-lipid barrier can no longer protect sufficiently against bacteria
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B. I have normal skin

  • Normal skin is neither particularly dry nor particularly oily, it is already in a good balance and has an intact protective barrier.
  • The urgent need to apply cream is just as rare here as greatly enlarged pores or impurities.
  • However, wrinkles, sagging contours, hyperpigmentation, or slight redness may affect normal skin.
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white hexagon with green drop oily skin

C. I have oily skin

  • Oily skin diligently produces skin fat - shortly after cleansing the skin shines again.
  • Impurities and enlarged pores are often found here, because the additional sebum blocks and widens the pores and favours bacterial foci.
  • By the way, the oily film on the surface says little about the moisture content of the skin: It is quite possible that the oily skin is at the same time low in moisture, i.e. feels rough and tense despite its greasy shine.
Select oily skin and continue.
white-hexagon-with-green-white-drop-combination skin

D. I have combination skin

  • Combination skin actually does everything right - at least from the body's point of view.
  • The T-zone (forehead, nose) is protected from wind and weather by the protective oil film, the remaining skin has fewer sebaceous glands.
  • For daily care, combination skin is a small challenge, because you have to face the unloved characteristics of dry and oily skin, which combination skin unites.
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