The HighDroxy satisfaction guarantee

The right skin care is a very individual thing - and sometimes also very confusing. If you are unsure which HighDroxy products are perfect for your skin, we will be happy to advise you on your choice.

Did you know: We offer test sizes of almost all products, either in the form of inexpensive Bolsitas or as a high-quality deluxe sample or travel size. This way you can test skin feel and tolerance before you decide on a full size.

You are not satisfied with our products? Then our satisfaction guarantee takes effect:

We offer a voluntary, extended satisfaction guarantee for unopened and open products to all customers who buy our products via In order to make use of these, please note the following conditions:

  • The satisfaction guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date of order for all full-size products that you buy from us for the first time. After that, it expires. Repeat purchases of the same product, even in other pack sizes, are excluded from this guarantee. Here we may assume that you are doing well with the product.
  • Heavily discounted products, i.e. products that you purchase at a discount of 15% (and more) off the original price, will be refunded against a voucher for the amount of the purchase price.
  • Test sizes (Bolsitas & Deluxe samples, travel sizes) are excluded from the satisfaction guarantee for reasons of economy. Unopened test sizes can of course still be returned under the right of withdrawal. For more information on the right of withdrawal, please see below.
  • Decorative products (PORIFY MINERALS) and accessories are also excluded from the satisfaction guarantee.
  • We will not refundempty or excessively (i.e. not appropriate to the test purpose) used products. If you are unsure whether the latter applies to your products, please contact us in advance.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee is a voluntary goodwill service that we are very happy to offer. In rare individual cases, however, this is unfortunately not possible, for example if the return options have already been used excessively for past orders. This is solely at our discretion.

This is how the return works:

  1. Before you send the goods back to us, please send a short email to and tell us your order number. If you have paid by bank transfer/advance payment, please also include your bank details in this email.
  2. Of course you are not obliged to give reasons for your return. Nevertheless, we would be pleased if you could briefly tell us why you are returning the respective product. That's the only way we can get better!
  3. Then send us the product as a package with a parcel shipper of your choice to the following address: HIGHDERM GmbH, Max-Ernst-Str. 13, 50354 Hürth. You bear the costs for the return shipment. We cannot accept unfree shipments. Please do not send us returns as a letter! Please keep the proof of posting with the package in a safe place, it serves as proof.
  4. Please also return any free items received with the purchase of the product to be exchanged (except Bolsitas) completely and unused. If this is not done, we will offset the value of the free items against the credit note.
  5. After receipt of the goods we will refund the full purchase price (excluding postage). For this we use the payment method you used to pay for your order.

right of withdrawal

Irrespective of the satisfaction guarantee, the statutory right of withdrawal applies. Here you will find all the information you need.