The HighDroxy loyalty programme

Our online store rewards your loyalty automatically, without points or coupons:

  • If your last order was placed no longer than 3 months ago, you will receive a 5% loyalty discount,
  • If it is a maximum of 2 months ago, you will even receive a 10% loyalty discount!

Vouchers can still be redeemed normally - your loyalty discount always applies additionally! Also the amount of your orders does not matter. 

Important to know:

  • Please make sure that you are logged in as a customer. You can do this on the way to the checkout - or at any time at the top of the menu bar. Guest orders cannot be assigned to your customer account.
  • The completed orders of the past 2 or 3 months are always counted. You can view a chronological overview of your previous orders in your customer account at any time. There you can also see the amount of your current loyalty discount.
  • Canceled orders cannot be counted because no purchase was made here.
  • Gift vouchers and our book are excluded from the loyalty discount for tax reasons. This means that an order containing these products will not benefit from the loyalty discount.