Our terms of action

We regularly offer our customers time-limited special offers or discounts (hereinafter referred to as "promotions") to make shopping with us even more attractive. In order to be able to maintain our accommodating return conditions parallel to these promotions, the following conditions apply to all promotions, unless otherwise described:

Free articles

As part of our promotions, we sometimes offer you free items. These are tied to conditions such as the purchase of certain products, a number of products, a minimum order value or similar. We always calculate the available quantities generously on the basis of previous response, but cannot guarantee availability.

If the condition for receiving the free item is no longer met (e.g. due to a return), the free item must also be returned unused. This means:

In the event of a return of items to which the free gift was linked, or if the required minimum order value or number of items is not reached due to the return, the unused free item must also be returned. If you wish to keep the free item or if it has already been used, the free item will be deducted as part of the refund.

Graduated discounts

As part of our promotions, we sometimes offer graduated discounts. These discounts are tied to conditions such as a certain number of products. If the number of items returned is less than the scale, this will be taken into account in the refund.


We reserve the right to adjust (ongoing) promotions at any time and/or to terminate them prematurely.