Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to all questions that are asked particularly frequently. Please check first if your question can already be answered. Is your question not listed? Under the menu item CONTACT you can reach us, so that we can help you individually.


Every skin need is individual, and what sounds fantastic in descriptions, user comments or reviews doesn't necessarily work for your own skin.

Therefore, we offer test sizes of almost all products in the form of deluxe samples or sachets, with the help of which you can test the products for liking and compatibility. The sachets are ideal for a first impression - the deluxe samples even last for about a week of use, usually even longer. In this way, you can take your time to get an impression of whether the purchase of a full-size product is an option for you.

You can find the test size as a selection option on the respective product page.

All HighDroxy products can be used during pregnancy, except for our RETINAID (FORTE) and the HYDROPEEL ADVANCED and the FACE SERUM. You should not use these products during pregnancy or breastfeeding and switch to possible alternatives from our range - our support will be happy to advise you on this.

As a result of the EU Cosmetics Regulation, animal testing on cosmetics and their raw materials has been completely banned in the European Union since 11 March 2013. These are legally binding bans, i.e. all cosmetics manufacturers in the EU must comply with these requirements.

This means in plain language: We have never tested our products or parts of them on animals and would never do so. But we don't advertise it aggressively because this is exactly how it is prescribed for skin care that is manufactured and sold in Germany.

Of course, we also do not commission any tests on animals and do not export to China.

Our products or our ingredients are vegan and are not tested on animals.

We generally recommend giving your skin time to get used to active ingredients. It is better to change slowly, instead of changing all products at once overnight. If possible, you should first use up your existing products (if nothing speaks against it). You can combine our products with your own products.

No. You can buy our products online in our store. We are also represented on amazon.

For the exact use of our products, please refer to the respective package insert. Tips for use can also be found under the tab "Application" on the respective product detail page.

Especially with dry, possibly reddened skin, it can happen that a high content of certain active ingredients (for example antioxidants) triggers a tingling or slight stinging sensation. If this feeling disappears quickly, you need not worry - this has nothing to do with an intolerance, but is a sign that the ingredients are working.

The first step on the way to beautiful skin is to choose the right products for your skin. Find out - our skincare guide will help you. Do you still have questions? Our skin consultation is there for you!

Skin needs are independent of age - a young skin can be dry and mature Raut have impurities. For this reason, it is not so much age that matters when choosing your products, but your skin condition.

Our products have an unopened shelf life of at least 2 years (assuming proper storage) unless an expiration date is printed. The shelf life of our products after opening can be found in the small jar symbol on the product.

Our products do not contain plasticizers, which ensure that products do not dry out. For this reason, it can happen that a plug sometimes forms at the opening of a pump dispenser, especially with rather irregular or sporadic use. Simply wipe this off with a clean cloth.

It is best to store our products protected from light at room temperature. Storage in the refrigerator is not necessary. If a special type of storage is necessary, you will find appropriate instructions on the product.

Our sun protection oil D-FENCE 50 has a UVA value of 32, our day fluid DAY LIGHT 30 has a UVA value of 12.

We pay attention to sustainability on very different levels. You can find out more here.


No, you can also order from us as a guest, this option is offered to you on the way from the shopping cart to the checkout. However, a customer account offers you several advantages, which we will explain to you below. By the way: By creating a customer account you will not receive any advertising emails.

On the top right of our page you will find a small circle with a little man. Click on it, a window will open and you can create your new customer account. For this you only need an e-mail address. A user name and a password you can freely assign. Finally you have to accept our privacy policy. In the future you can log in with your e-mail address or your username and password. You can find more information about the customer account here.

A customer account offers the advantage that you automatically benefit from our loyalty benefits: Your purchases (from the 3rd purchase within 12 months) are automatically discounted. You can find an explanation of our loyalty benefits here. Another practical advantage is that you do not have to enter your address again and again for subsequent orders.

With our loyalty benefits you can save automatically. How exactly this works, you can read here.

If your account login does not work, you may have entered an incorrect email address or password. Maybe you made a typo? As a first step, try to reset your password by clicking on "Forgot password" in the login window. If this is not successful, please contact our support.

This is not a problem. You can create a new password yourself at any time by clicking on "Forgot password" in the login window. Please enter your e-mail address in the field provided. You will then receive a link by e-mail which you can use to create a new password.

You can change your password at any time by logging into your account and entering a new password under Account Details.


You can cancel or revoke your order by contacting our support. If your order has already been processed and handed over to our shipping service provider DHL or if you have already received it, a return is possible within the scope of our return modalities.

Changing your order (e.g. adding or removing products or vouchers) is usually not possible. In case of doubt, please contact our support.

An order confirmation will be sent automatically by our store system as soon as you click on the "Buy now" button. However, only one successfully paid order will be processed by us. If you are unsure which or how many orders have been paid by you, please contact our support via email to

Unfortunately, ordering by telephone is not possible.

Please contact our support immediately - if your order has not yet been handed over to DHL, a correction of the shipping address is still possible. If the order has already been shipped and cannot be delivered, you will bear the costs for the unsuccessful first Hinsendung as well as for the (automatic) return.

In your shopping cart, under the "Continue to checkout" button, you will find a field to redeem your coupon code.

There can be several reasons why your coupon code does not work, such as a typo or invalid redemption conditions. Our support will be happy to help you.


No. Refusal to accept the goods, non-collection of goods from the packing stations or from the DHL branch or non-delivery due to incorrect address information with the consequence of automatic return of the goods to us, does not save you any costs. In this case you have to pay for the costs of the return as well as for the unsuccessful first sending. If you wish to withdraw from the purchase contract, you must submit an effective revocation.

The costs incurred by us for the automatic return of the goods as well as the postage costs for the unsuccessful return will be charged as part of the cancellation, provided that you have sent us an effective revocation. If no cancellation is declared, the purchase contract continues to exist. We will not resend the goods until all costs incurred by us have been paid by you in advance. 

Orders received by 12 noon are usually processed and handed over to DHL on the same day (except on Saturday and Sunday and holidays). From the handover to DHL, shipping takes about 2-3 business days and we can no longer influence the delivery time.

As soon as your shipment is packed, you will receive an email with a tracking link and your personal tracking number. If you click on it, you can see the current status of your shipment.

You will usually receive your order within 1-3 working days - depending on DHL's workload. First, take a look at your shipping email that you received from us. If you are waiting longer for your order or have not received an email with your shipping status, please contact our support.


I have received the wrong product

We are sorry about that! Please contact our support team and we will clarify the situation immediately.

We are very sorry about that! Please contact our support and we will find a quick and easy solution.