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What is the best way to store the products?

It is best to store our products protected from light at room temperature. Storage in the refrigerator is not necessary. If a special type of storage is necessary, you will find appropriate instructions on the product.

Can I also buy your products in retail stores?

You can find our entire product range exclusively here in our online store. In this way, we guarantee a consistently high quality of products and advice. You can also find some products on Amazon.

Are there free samples of HighDroxy products?

Unlike other shippers, we do not randomly include free samples with your order. Because every skin need is individual and there is no such thing as a HighDroxy product for everyone.

You can therefore buy test sizes of almost all products in the form of deluxe samples or sachets, with the help of which you can test the products for liking and compatibility. The sachets are ideal for a first impression - the deluxe samples even last for about a week of use, usually even longer. In this way, you can take your time to get an impression of whether the purchase of a full-size product is an option for you.

By the way, shipping is free for pure sachet orders. In addition, you can add sachets free of charge to your purchase at the end of each order, i.e. in the shopping cart.

You can find the test size as a selection option on the respective product page.

What is the shelf life of HighDroxy products?

Our products have an unopened shelf life of at least 2 years (assuming proper storage) unless an expiration date is printed. Currently, CALM LIPO MILK is the only product with a best before date, but this is always at least 12 months in the future (from purchase).

The number in the small jar symbol on the product tells you the minimum shelf life of our products after opening. 

Are HighDroxy products sustainable?

Sustainability encompasses many steps in the entire life cycle of a product - which is why this topic is very complex. 

We pay attention to sustainability in many different ways: for example, in the purchase of all components, production and shipping. And we also need your help, for example with the correct disposal of used products. You can find out more about this here.

Can I use HighDroxy during pregnancy?

With a few exceptions, all HighDroxy products can be used during pregnancy without hesitation. Excluded are our products with high-dose fruit acids (HYDROPEEL ADVANCED, PORIFY FACE SERUM and PORIFY BHA SOLUTION) and Retinal (RETINAID).

You should not use these products during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or only after consulting your gynecologist, and switch to possible alternatives from our range - our support team will be happy to advise you on this.

Are HighDroxy products tested on animals?

As a result of the EU Cosmetics Regulation, animal testing on cosmetics and their raw materials has been completely banned in the European Union since March 11, 2013. These are legally binding bans, i.e. all cosmetics manufacturers in the EU must comply with these requirements.

In plain language, this means that we have never tested our products or parts thereof on animals and would never do so. However, we do not aggressively advertise this because it is exactly the same requirement for skin care that is manufactured and sold in Germany.

Of course, we also do not commission tests on animals and do not export to China.

What's the best way to switch my skincare routine to HighDroxy?

We generally recommend giving your skin time to get used to new active ingredients. It's better to change slowly so that you don't overtax it.

In addition, you should only change one product at a time and use it for a while - this is the only way to know which product is responsible in the event of a skin reaction or intolerance.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend a patch test, i.e. applying the product to a less exposed area. By the way, the crook of the arm is not so well suited for this, as the skin there behaves differently than on the face. The patch test under the chin is more meaningful.

How can I recognize an incompatibility?

Especially with dry, possibly reddened skin, it can happen that a high content of certain active ingredients (for example antioxidants) triggers a tingling or slight stinging after application. If this feeling disappears quickly, you need not worry - this has nothing to do with an intolerance, but is a sign that the ingredients are working.

Active ingredients such as retinal, vitamin C or high-dose fruit acids require gradual acclimatization. Slight redness, a feeling of tension or itching are often a sign that your skin is temporarily overstrained. Take a break for a few days until the symptoms have subsided, and then continue with longer breaks between applications.

Any skin reactions that last longer than a few days are a sign of intolerance or allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Please discontinue the product immediately.

What UVA protection do HighDroxy sunscreen products offer?

Our sun protection oil D-FENCE 50 has a UVA value of 32, our day fluid DAY LIGHT 30 has a UVA value of 12. Thus, they both exceed the criteria for the UVA seal, which certifies a good proportional UVA protection.

Are all HighDroxy products vegan?

All HighDroxy products or their ingredients are vegan and are not tested on animals.