The book about our most important organ.

300 pages of sound skin knowledge, valuable care tips and unmasked cosmetic myths.

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What do you need for healthy skin? What can skin care actually achieve? And what is really true about the promises of the cosmetics industry?

Without raised forefinger, but with helpful professional tips and lots of insider knowledge, this book is dedicated to persistent myths as well as important skin facts: Multitalent Skin: Everything you need to know about your most important organ. This is how you can determine your individual skin type and adapt your skin care optimally to it. Cosmetic active ingredients: What they can really do, which skin they help. Problematic ingredients: Which ones are better left out and which ones are half as bad? Skin industry: What you should pay attention to when buying cosmetics.

Portrait of the founder of HighDroxy, Thorsten Abeln

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Thorsten Abeln is a cosmetic entrepreneur and founder of the gentle active ingredient care HighDroxy. His experience from many years of industry knowledge, numerous product developments as well as thousands of consultations that he and his team have conducted flows into this book.

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